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My dear ones there is going to be an allowance made of several events on your globe that will bring conditions on the planet to a resounding change. In these events you will find that there is not only an echoing through the towns and villages there will also be a wave that will spread across the whole universe. These waves will emit forth from every person on earth and from every form of life that lives on the surface of earth and within.


I am Hatonn once more and when I gather all of my beautiful friends together at the celebration of the new day, we will resound throughout the universe as One Family joined in a common cause and celebrating the return to the place from which we came.


One of the events will involve the animals of the world. You will see one day that the animals will begin to act in a different way. They will see that you are more than just the humans living on the same planet with them; they will begin to be able to converse with you in a way that speaks from within the global planet of love. You will find that they are not only in clearer communication with you, but you will be able to respond with them and there will be more harmony between you.


Another event that will ring through the heavens surrounding your planet will be that as the clouds and rains come down at various times, it will almost feel that you can hear them singing to you. There will be times that when you step out into the gently falling rain you will be able to understand what the drops are telling you. It will be a feeling that you will have deep within your soul. Even the birds that sit in the trees will hear and will sing forth in harmony. It will resonate in your heart and you will bless the rain and you will see the translation of the songs in the faces in the clouds. Watch for this as you see the next showers and storms come upon the land.


Finally, I will speak of the wonders of one person to another. As you come into each other s presence you will find that you reach out through your hearts to each other and that you even look upon those with whom you formally had no favor and you will desire to be their friend, indeed it will almost be as a longing, yet without the desperation that sometimes accompanies that feeling of longing that you sometimes experience now. When this happens, then you will know that you are tapping into that innate self that is truth. You will know that as this takes place it will be as lost friend finding each other once more. It will bring about a new harmony that will spread over the land like a wildfire of love, cleansing all that is in its path.


Are you ready for these events? I speak of them as events for it will seem to most of you as an overnight change in the resonance of the planet. It will be as if you closed your eyes to sleep and then with the morning Light you noticed a change in the air with the first ray of sun streaming through your window and into your heart. You will find that as you go about your daily activities you will notice the differences and you will feel as a changed person on a change land.


My dear ones, this will bring proof of what I have spoken to you in former messages. It will be the onward changing of your atomic structure and when that happens you will know that you have come to a decision deep within your soul to follow through the ionization process onto the changing of the atoms that make up all of life and bring them back to the original form, that of anti-matter. As this takes place, realize that for some the process will take place at a rate that is varied from others. It will have to do with the outer world as well as the inner.


What you are doing in the process is to make the outer and the inner world as One. You will see in the times to come that all that is around you will reflect that which is within in the ways that you live your life and the ways that the world is transformed through your inner ministrations. You can do anything that makes your heart sing and purr, and whisper of your love, and immediately your world will change because of it. You will see that all that you come in contact with will sing into your heart and answer your calls for celebration.


There will be no more strife, no more times of unrest; there will only be the peace, joy and harmony that reside in love, and it will be of your making. Such is the power that you have. Until that day of reckoning when you sound the bugle of freedom and empowerment within, you can look forward to the time when this is the reality all over the globe and know that it begins with you, completely and surely. Realize that the energies that are here on earth, without and within, are supporting that of which I speak. As the Christ within dances with the Mushaba Force there is complete harmony with all who join in the dance.


We are ready now for you to join the dance with us, and as we step onto the dance floor we do so with arms outstretched and a happy heart full of love and joy for all of you. Keep your eyes and ears open for this coming day and know that it is of your making and that it is grand indeed.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate