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Hi Everyone,

I want to thank you those of you who have signed up thus far for the Unified Heart Reading. Any others who care to have till the end of the day on Oct. 26 to sign up; you can do so by emailing me at treet07@yahoo.com. For details on signing up and for payment go to: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Channeled%20Readings/channeled_readings_return.htm .






My dear ones, I am Hatonn once more and I come to bring you today a message of hope, in fact more than hope it is a message of fact in our realms and soon to be a message of fact in yours. I bring you this message on the wings of a dove and on the sanctity with which the dove comes gliding into your life with the Grace of the Divine within each and every one of you.


As I bring this message I do so knowing full well that for some of you it will apply in the next instant, while for others it will take some time from the next instant to be accepted into your life. However long it takes, realize that it will be, it is in perfection for the journey you soul is engaged in.


I am here to tell you now that in the next moment in our realms all of the catastrophic activity that is taking place on earth will be resolved. Yes, the plans have been laid out and have manifested in the realms of the fifth dimension and on up. We have seen through your Divine will that what you intend to have take place for your lives on earth have been brought to a point where it is manifest in the dimensions to which you will be ascending in your chosen time.


What this looks like to us is that you are going to be living a life in which all distrust, all calamity, all separateness is behind you and that you are moving forward in your lives to build the new way of being on earth. You have come to see that what took place on Maldek has been forgiven in your hearts and that you have freed your self to empower your lives in the way that is destined. You are living that destiny now and as you feel it deep within your consciousness you will know that you have now, as of this moment forgiven yourselves for what your part was in the destruction of Maldek. You have also come to know that from The Creator there was no forgiveness needed, for all is in forgiveness from the onset.


I come to you now to tell you that we have been holding that Truth for you since time began. We have known, as you now know on a soul level and for many of you on a conscious level, that what happened on Maldek was destined. It was one of the realities that were set into place by The Creator in which to express and to take part in the Great Experiment.


You all took part, and you all gave of your energy to the playout of your evolvement on Maldek and eventual replacement to earth to carry out the promise that you would carry on, on earth and come to the destiny that you are implementing at this time. You are bringing to a close the duality experience, and in so doing you are bringing yourselves, the atomic structure of yourselves, to ionization. You are doing this through the speaking forth of the Truth to your atoms from the photon belt. This Truth is Divine Truth; it is the Word that is inherent within each of you. As you hear it on an atomic level, you are able to hear the truth to the degree that your perceptions permit.


What is grand about that is that as the protons in your atomic structure hear the language of the photons, which are particles of Light, they are able to discern this Truth from what is expressed in earth experience, and are able to adjust the frequency with which they sing to the neutron. This is going to change the atomic structure of your body and as that takes place, as you are able to live the Truth in every moment, every breath you take. You will be living your original Truth, that which is contained in your anti-matter atoms.


You will be returning to that anti-matter state and when you do, you will be living the choice that the neutron will make determined by what is believed to be truth according to your earth experience. Your atomic structure will then be either positive or negative; whichever charge is chosen will be the unification of that charge expressed in your atomic structure.


We see that at his moment most of you are ready for the positive anti-matter state. This represents that you see your life as being full of Light; you see the truth as being represented in the choices you make and the love that lives in your heart. You feel that the peace that is yours is accessible for most of the time. This is paramount in being Truth, and living it, as you know it to be. Divine Truth always is; it does not change, it is a constant. As you live it, so too does it supply you with the innate guidance with which you flow through life.


Give yourselves the peace that is there for you always to tap into, to be. It is your gift to yourself, and no matter what happens in the outside world, peace will see you through it with a gladdened heart and a sureness of being. It is your vessel through which to drink the nectar of the Gods, for it is pure light and fills you with the love that lives in all life.


As I close this message and beam to you the platinum light of the Mushaba Force, the rosy, gold light of The Christ, and the Truth of all Creation, I do so knowing full well that in the next moment there will be a heralding from many voices to heaven declaring that they are at rest. They are receiving the love and the truth through the Divine Word that sings throughout their beingness riding high on the wings of the dove of Peace.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate