October 02, 2008                



Hi Everyone,

Today we begin another month of the Unified Heart Readings. I thank all of you who participated in the past two months; I’m pleased that it has been well received.

The subscriptions for this month’s UHR will begin now and will close at the end of the day on Oct 26. In the last week of the month I will bring the reading through. For those of you who may not know what the Unified Heart Readings are, to find more information on them, and about subscribing and the methods of payment you may go to: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Channeled%20Readings/unified_heart_readings.htm.

Now, the Wake up Call!  



I am Hatonn, and I am here today to give you a bit of wisdom, and it has come from many of you around the globe. I am relaying to you what you are opening up your hearts to. This is a bit of wisdom that bears repeating several times as you go about your daily lives and tune in to what is taking place in the world headlines. This bit of wisdom covers a huge arena for it is simple in its practice and powerful in its delivery.


When you look at what is taking place around you, take a moment to bless it, for in that blessing you not only recognize that it needs blessing, it as well represents that the end of this madness is at its peak. With what is taking place now we are seeing the deepest dregs of civilization’s emotional discharges that have been buried deep within the recesses of time. It is a simple thing to do, really. It is a heartwarming method of bringing the Christ consciousness to every thought, and to also bringing the Mushaba Force to the action that is stimulated by the thought.


Where in the world can you find such simplicity if not in your hearts and souls? You are, as is all of existence, made of matter atoms. You all interpret your atoms in a way that brings the identity of your choice into the makeup of the atoms. These atoms right now are matter atoms, and they represent that you are living that choice that you made when you came into this existence on earth. When your atoms reached a point where they listened to the Light that is beaming in to the part of them that is Spirit that message is being broadcast throughout the structure of the atoms and gives a message of the purity of the Light to the atom.


This is when the opportunity comes for the atoms to change their spin and become anti-matter atoms. We are in the photon belt, and have been for some time. The photons speak their light to the atoms and there is where you on a soul level make your decision about how you are going to live the rest of your existence here on earth.


This is what we have seen, dear ones. We have not only seen it, we have heard it from the language of your atomic structure. We are being told that you are ready to change the atomic structure of your existence, for you are feeling the clearing that is taking place within all of the Oneness that Is.


Realize that as you feel this you are also including the ones who are not tuned in. These ones are caught in the fray and the lies that have created the fray. They are so caught up in their own lies that they are being consumed by them. However, those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear are able to recognize that at some point in ‘time’ these ones will as well be able to see how they have imprisoned themselves in their own idea of what truth is, and they will then be able to open their eyes and ears to what is being transmitted through the voice of Truth, that of The Word.


We are receiving your message loud and clear my dear ones. You are the masters of your own atomic structures and as you continue to listen to that which is being beamed through this Light into the All That Is, you are actually bringing the atomic structure to the point of ionization. With this ionization from the photons, which are pure Light, and the combination of the coming to zero point of the magnetics and the frequency of the planet, the spin of the atomic structure of the whole of life on earth will change. It will stop its rotation in the clockwise rotation, and then it will begin its rotation in a counterclockwise spin. At that moment your soul will be ready to make that choice and to accept the change forever of the spin to anti-matter, back to that spin in which you once were. You will decide then whether your anti-matter state will be positive or negative, and your life from that point on will reflect that choice in a constancy of living.


You are at the point now in your evolution where you can remember how it was to have that spin. You have moments in time when you feel there is no time; you are living in the moment. As that happens you are experiencing the promise of the anti-matter state of being. You are tapping into the remembrance of that from whence you came. This is an ancient remembrance, and as you feel it, you recognize that you are it.


As these moments of rediscovery take place they establish a memory of the feeling and you then automatically seek it once more. As you do, your atomic structure more and more readily listens to what the photons are constantly beaming to you, and as this becomes more your reality, you become a higher frequency and your atoms visit that spin more and more. That is why when the zero point, or shift of the ages comes, it will be as a millisecond and then you will have need no more to seek that remembrance; you will be it. You will be the Creation of the Word, and you will go forth from there in the New Golden Age.


And it all begins with a simple Blessing for all of humanity, for all of what is taking place in the world of make believe. It is a simple way to invite in the photons of truth, and the energies that activate the intent of the soul and Spirit. Through the Mushaba Force and the Christ energies, as well as all the other energies of ascension, you will realize and become the freedom and empowerment of the Mushaba Force and the love and Light that is the Christ.


What a beautiful picture that creates! All of the blessed energies combined in one particle of light. The truth of the Word is expressed in every particle of light and every translation thereof. That is why the possibilities are endless for what you can be and do in your lives. You will rise above the carnage of the ending of your days on Maldek, and you will rewrite the destiny of your beingness. You are creating right now the outcome of what you see before you, and it is grand, my dear ones.


I stand here with Sananda and St. Germain, with Mushaba and Maldion, with Buddha and Maitreya, with all of the family of Light, your Light, and we say to you, Blessed are the meek who appear in the eyes and ears of the beholder, for they are the movers of the destiny of the Whole. They are the seekers of the Truth, and they recognize that it is right there where they stand within the atomic structure of their beingness. It is in the Spirit of the anti-matter voice as it speaks the Word to all of existence.


Thank you dear Hatonn and Light Beings,

Love, Nancy Tate