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Hi Everyone,

It's been a whirlwind since we got here in northern NM, and now it looks like we might be slowing down a bit, for a few days.

When we first got here, we parked our rig at this out of the way mobile home & RV Park, which wasn't the one we thought it to be. So we left that park since it didn't suit our needs and found the one we actually were going to park in, and found that one wasn't right for us either. Neither one had Internet service as was advertised. So we ended up going back to the good ole KOA where we've had good experience in the past. Bob announced on the way that he should have listened to his urging and gone to KOA in the first place. How often do we do that?

When we went with the realtor and looked at the place we may be housesitting to look inside the cottage and the casita, we discovered a number of things that cooled our enthusiasm about it, but not completely.  It would take a fair amount of renovation before it would be comfortable to live in. The biggest thing is when we will be able to move in; it may not be till after the end of the year because of prolonged closing issues.

On the plus side of this is that we have an alternative for housing for the winter.  Some friends told us about an adobe house just down the road from them that we may be able to rent and do some repairs. We met with the owner and found it to be quite comfortable; we will be living there from November through the winter with arrangements that suit us all. Come Spring as long as the first place has come to closing and Bob has been able to work on it through the winter, we will be able to move in for the remainder of the year. Before this all came together so beautifully I asked Hatonn about our situation; after a few moments of silence I heard several times, "Trust." That is what I did.

Aside from a few days of physically releasing and clearing out stuff (I was up and down for three days straight), we have been pretty busy in the two weeks since we got here. We took a nice relaxing day Saturday driving in the country with friends, enjoying the golden aspens and other tones of autumn in northern NM with lunch in a great restaurant in Taos, ending the day at their home well into the evening.

The other morning as I awoke I felt compelled to arise and watch as the sun broke the horizon. It was beautiful! As it ascended beyond the horizon it was as if time stood still for what seemed an eternity, and as I gazed into the golden, white ball it became a portal from our world of illusion into the Light of the world of Truth. The Light beyond that portal was ever shifting, flowing into itself in never ending waves, gently, subtly. I saw it as never before; I saw that the real world is beyond that circle of light in our sky and that all that wasn't through that hole is the world of make believe. I've known this for some time, but to actually see it through the sun in this way was very freeing to me, and very moving. It was like it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of reality.

Toshiro was a little uncertain about our move at first, but once he saw our old friends and was able to play with the dogs and see familiar territory, he was fine. He's such an adaptable fella; I can take a lesson from him.

Now that I've brought you up to date with our adventures so far, I will close and bring you today's Wake up Call. Love you all very much!


Nancy, Bob and Toshiro


Wake up Call: I Am Oct 22, 07


In the following message I will bring to you an assemblage of information that not only serves all of you, it serves all of the universe and all that is to come from this day forward. It will bring a new clarity to those who see beyond the perimeters of this illusory world and into the rest of infinity. It will bring clarity to those who allow their minds to ease through the nothingness that is full of potential and gives the ability for the expansion of the mind into the unlimitedness of all there is and is not.


I am the Source of the Allness of you, and I Am the Oneness that is represented in your lives, and in your every breath. There is no other than I, for I Am you, and all there is in infinite. We bring this amount of visage to the fields of change and in this we do what is uppermost in our minds. We do so in order for us to be able to see what it is that we are capable of doing. We do so in order to speak for the unlimitedness of that which we choose, and that which comes from what we choose.


There is no way that there cannot be a result from any action that is taken. In this truth we find a great deal of choice and a great deal of expression that carries on in our imaginations. Through our imaginations we call forth anything that inspires to come into expression. In this way we share what is in expression with the entirety of all there is, and in that we express the fullness of the potential. In turn the potential is expanded and the once supposed limit is now expanded and the lid is off the thoughts of limitedness.


How often do we speak of limitedness; how often do our thoughts and actions speak of that which doesn’t exist? Look at what you do in a day’s time, even in an hour, or in the moment. How often does your thought, or action speak of limit? Look at the words you use, and the manner in which the words are expressed. Where is the idea of expansiveness and unlimitedness in the phrase, ‘I don’t know’?


By saying you don’t know you are bringing in doubt and a non-recognition of the moment. Rather, think of the moment as being what it is right now. What is not to know, and what known must be recognized to be truth? In your knowing of something is trust, is it not? How often have you told yourself that you have a knowing that all will turn out well, all will be resolved in any issue? The knowing is known, though may not be recognized in detail. Truth is that trust is the recognition that all is well and truth is known.


As you go through life and you make choices for your life, you are tuning in to the possibility that there is perfection in all that you do. You see as you go along that there is a continual stream of events that comes, one from another and another that brings with it the perfection of the universal order of things. In this knowing you supercede all doubt that ever springs itself into your mind and tries to slow down or stop that stream, through the energy of fear. As you drop that fear energy and remember that you are love you step back into that truth stream and become the trust that moves you forward. This is the flow that is talked about in so many ways and in so many instances of communication.


Take the time along the way to see the truth in the ways that the events of the world unfold. Step outside of the emotions for a time as you observe the world events. What may seem like a disaster within the emotional context of the event can be seen in a different light in the neutrality of love without the emotional baggage. Yes, love is a neutral energy, and with the charge of emotion it can be changed to an energy of fear, expressed in various ‘not so good’ feelings, or an energy of love expressed in various wonderful feelings. The idea of how you experience the charge is what your perception of the event is. This is not to say that you don’t experience the emotions that come unbounded; it means that you don’t allow them to determine your life as a result of the event.


This is how you create your world. This is how one can experience one’s world in one way, when another can experience the same scenario in a completely different way. History is full of various manners of events due to this fact of perception in creation. Some people would tell you that history is far different than what some others recall it as having been. Yet who is to say that either, or neither is incorrect, or correct?


Knowing this, will you go on in your life and create your world as you see fit, as you choose, determined by your feelings and emotions, or by what you see to be the best for you in a neutral way? Can you perceive of coming to a decision while in a neutral place in your mind, and then bringing in the emotions that support and give life to those decisions? What would you say is the source of your soul voice, your inner communication with your source? Is it not your place of surety, your place of power and steady knowing? When you are faced with a choice that can make a difference in your life (and what choices do not bring about a change?), do you make that choice in the midst of emotion, or do you take a deep breath and regain that silence for a moment to allow the clarity to shine forth?


I bring this message to you today, for in the coming times you will be faced with life-altering choices. You will stand against a wall, figuratively, and be told through circumstances that you must make a decision for your life that maybe you would not have made a moment ago, in some instances. In these changing times it is imperative that you be in tune with your inner guidance, for with the actions you take from that place of steady knowing you will find yourself in the place that best serves you.


I will add to this the fact that if you find yourself more challenged to find that inner guidance clearly you will not be in harm’s way. Do not go to fear; stay in that neutral place and express your love and gratitude for the blessings that will come your way. It may take you a little more searching to hear that perfect guidance from the beginning. Know that you will all be guided to that perfect place and situation, even if it means to remain where you are and to continue with what you are doing.


The coming times are as a kaleidoscope of events, one turn of the wheel and all can fall into place in a way that is beautiful to some and not so beautiful to others. Some may say with yet another turn of the wheel that this is far better than the last one, and some may say I liked the other one better, Remember, with every turn of the wheel, there can never be a return to the exact previous one, or any preceding that one. Always going forward in the newness of the present one is the perfection of life in these times. You will always be in that perfect space when you stand in the moment and allow yourself to flow forward from the perfection of the moment. Know this in every breath and you will sail through your soul design with colors that are ever-changing and completely in keeping with your truth.


I leave this message now with the truth of the ages. We are all Love and we express in that Love. There is only Love that is represented in that Light in the sky, that ever-changing, ever-flowing truth that is a constant for you to tap into. Be that truth, and you will know everlasting bliss. Know everlasting bliss and you are that bliss, for always and forever.


Thank you dear I Am,

Love, Nancy Tate