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Hi Everyone,
It is time for us to be on the move again! We have been packing our stuff back in our RV and will be heading for northern New Mexico once again. This time we will be moving into an adobe cottage for a year of housesitting. Bob will be making renovations to the place and will be receiving compensation for it. We will be close to many of our dear friends, and will be living in a small town in beautiful surroundings.

What more can you ask for at this time in our lives. We haven't known where we wanted to buy land and build our papercrete home, we've only known that it will most likely be in NM. This gives us a year for it to begin to come into fruition. We fill a need that the new owners of the property have, and we fill a desire that we have. It's what Bob calls a win-win.

In Karen Bishops latest Energy Report http://www.whatsuponplanetearth.com/index.htm she said that we are being propelled to places that we never thought of before, for wonderful, powerful reasons. Hatonn told Bob and me about a month ago that we will be going to a place that we didn't before think we'd want to go. This is true of the place we're going, for it will be a bit cool with some snow in the winter; we've resisted that for the years we've been on the road, more or less following the weather. Now is time to actually think again and follow the promptings. I agree that this is what we planned, for when it came up it felt perfect, despite past resistances.

I can see what Hatonn in this Wake up Call is talking about. We are living it right now, and are looking forward to how it will be in this new perfect place. Another part of this whole scenario is that the lovely woman, dear friend who owns this place we've been renting has already rented it to another couple who just moved into the area a week ago from Illinois, and need a place to rent, for his work is here. She hadn't even finished writing the ad For Rent when they showed up asking for a place. It's as perfect for them, as they are for this place. They are lovely and fun people, and will fit into this community perfectly. They love the papercrete work Bob has done, and will nourish and enjoy it for as long as they are here.

I'm not sure how long it will be that we'll have to be off line. The rv park we'll be in for the first month till we can move into the cottage has wireless, so we may be back on sooner, rather than later. In the next weeks we may be silent more than we are present here. Know that we love you all, and we see for you all of the wonderful manifestations in your life that you call for.




There is but one being in this realm of Light, and it is You, all of you. Yes, that is correct, you collectively supply all the Light that it takes to make up the sum total, for each and every one of you are emitting the totality of the Light that is inherent within. There is no difference, one to the other, except for the perception that you bring to your experience.


I Am Hatonn, once more and with this admonition I bring to you the clarity in which you can go forth from this point and render your world the perfection that is you intend as brilliant candles of Light. With this inner guidance as is reflected upon everything that is in your manifested dreamworld, you will see that in times of wonder and times of stress, that is but part of the world that you have created in order to experience that which is different from the trueness that you are.


Yes, even that which feels good is a part of your perception of that which you are doing. You are feeling good about something that has manifested in your life, and in so doing you have given yourself the result of an idea that you wished to experience. Your perception of it through the emotion of feeling good is but a part of that which you desired to experience, not a part of your innerness. That innerness is neutral, and anything beyond that neutrality is your perception of the moment.


Doesn’t this give you a new idea about how to create your world? Do you see how you have created your world to this moment? I see you do; I see that you ‘get it’, as you would say to the one next to you offering up this bit of information. I am right here next to you, and I ‘get it’ too!


Now that we have gotten that straight, now we can go on and put that information to work. We can apply that truth and watch as it materializes into something in our lives that brings feelings and thoughts that generate a whole new scenario. How about going into a process that creates something altogether new to you? There is no such thing, you say! Ah, but I ask you to re-consider. Is there no set of circumstance and actual results of your actions that has not been played out in your life before? Is there another stream of thoughts that has not been run by your consciousness before and added to the ultimate manifestation of that set of circumstances?


I reckon that there is a whole new play awaiting your discovery and creation in the next moment of potential. Are you ready to bring about a whole new event in your life and to see how cleverly you can write the script, set the stage and pick the cast for a whole new production to which all of existence is the audience? Did you ever think of yourself in that way? Now is the time, when so many of you are waiting for the inspiration and the drive and the set of circumstances to make themselves known so that you can play your part exactly as the moment inspires.


I tell you this as I watch you all sitting in the familiar setting of looking for the inspiration for what you intend for your lives to come a knocking on your door. Which door are you watching, the front or the back, or maybe the cellar door, where the mysteries are dark and intriguing? I suggest that you watch all doors, that you dance between them and make a fun game of it, for those on the other side of the door will surely hear and feel your joyfulness and come a runnin’ to be a part of that merriment.


You are such loving beings, though you may not feel like it at times, or you might feel that your old stuck emotions get in the way of that loving expression, we can still see it; we can feel it, it is a constant. We know that whatever it is that you design for your next role will be the perfect choice for you. Remember that you pick your plays; the plays don’t pick you. The play sees what you pick and then it lends its energy to you for the creation of that which you have designed.


I refer now and forevermore to you as the total you, not just the conscious part of you who has gotten you to this stage of your experience on earth. Now you are operating on more cylinders and this is what is propelling you to the choices that you make. Why do you think that your desires are manifesting more quickly now? Even without fully realizing, in some cases, you are pulling on your superconscious for inspiration now, and that is why you are being delighted so often, and are loving it so much.


I hear those of you who are still waiting for that inspiration. There is a timeclock that is set in place for each of your lives. In most cases that timeclock is also playing in a part of others’ lives enmeshed with yours. Unlike other clocks of earth, these clocks are connected to all of existence. What one person sees and feels with their clock can be seen and heard by another. If there is a resonance that connects and communicates one to the other then that is what brings about a completeness of an action that is a part of the total scenario for communication. This clock tells one another their part in anything that takes place anywhere, and the communication is total and in perfect order.


Now I will share with you another facet to this manifestation game. I’m sure you are hearing it already for you know this very important and powerful part of the game. Yes, it is gratitude! It is more than saying I’m so grateful; it is in living that gratitude in every way. It is showing it in your actions, it is singing it in your voice and step; it is taking it to the heights of emotion and ringing it to the rafters of love and merriment. It is also taking it deep within and embracing that spark of Spirit that is at the very core of all that you have to be grateful for. This is the power of living the gratitude that brings the instrument of that gratitude to your acceptance of what it is that inspired the gratitude, even before it appeared physically in your life.


Go now and swing into your day. Marvel at all the ways in which you manifest and create the jewels in your life. Spread the word of your power and of the power you all have. Spirit does not pick and choose who will receive a blessing today, this moment, next week or month. You do! Remember that next time you wonder, “So when am I going to know what it is that is in store for me?” and know that it is what you are doing right now, this moment.


Savor it, and know that sometimes we take ourselves on a road the long way around in order to be able to create and be in sync with the absolutely perfect timing of the very thing that you designed. You’ll always declare that this is the perfect outcome for me; all I had to do was wait for the pieces to all fall into place. Sometimes it feels oh so close, and yet, not yet. That could be because someone in the chain of events took a longer road or a detour to his part, but he got there, and so did you. Congratulations, and enjoy your destination with a fervor and a feeling of Grace, for that is what you’ve created.


Go now, and be in peace, for the world is your and you wear it well.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate