October 01, 2007              





My dear ones, there comes a time in every person’s life when there must be a change allowed. Perhaps this is one of those times for you. With the sweeping changes that are upon us all, perhaps it is time to stand up and look around you; ask what your world looks like as compared to how it looked two years ago, or even five years ago. Compare these two time periods and see how they differ in the way that you live you life and how your decisions made in the interim have affected not only your life, but so too the lives of those around you.


Is there a ballast that is weighing you down? Is there a choice that was made that could have brought about a different result? Where were you in your life when you made the decision that changed your life so drastically? All of these considerations come to bear when considering how you create in your life. Look at the results of the choices you’ve made, and then ask yourself how you could have brought about a different result, from the same choice. Was there a fork in that road of choice that could have brought about another result; and what would have possibly come about if another choice had been made?


These are thoughts to explore when you are in the midst of a change. These thoughts can have great bearing on how your next step can look. Is there a coming decision that will bring about a change in your life, and are you leaning toward a certain choice based on ideas that always have worked for you? Perhaps it is time to look at another choice. Take a few minutes and explore in your daydreaming how another choice could affect your life; what road would it take you to other than the one that you have already seen. Allow your mind to be inspired from a feeling of surrender, and in this surrender announce your intent for a new idea to take shape and lead you in a direction that you haven’t explored as yet.


This is where new pathways are created. This is where you can push yourself out of that comfort zone and into a newly inspired and invigorating activity. This is where you can relieve yourself of the boredom of sameness that threatens to take hold again for you. You may have created a situation or circumstance recently that holds promise for a number of changes, some that you haven’t even considered, much less daydreamed about.


Remember as a child when you would lie in the grass staring at the clouds, and before you knew it you were off into daydream land. How fun it was to lay and drift through other realities. How magic was the feeling to be someone, or something that you hadn’t dreamt of before. This is what it is all about. It is more than merely seeing these new possibilities; it is taking them beyond the seeing and into the living in your mind while lying there in the innocence of dreamland.


Jesus said, “Come unto me as a child and I will show you great things.” He knew what that meant for he had lived that and had known its power and promise. “This too you can be, and more,” were some more of his words. Listen to them and apply them to your life right now. Rediscover the magic lantern of life and rub it to your heart’s content, for your wish is the universe’s command.


I come to you this day in the momentum of your thoughts. These thoughts grow and build until they represent in activity that in which they are born. Is that what you want in life, for your life to represent your recent thoughts? Are you sure that this is the future you wish for yourself, or are you falling into the old familiar patterns of thought that created your life before? Consider your life in the moment and ask yourself, are these thoughts giving you pleasure, are they the result of having no inspiration from which to create anew?


I suggest that you brush away the cobwebs of old ideas and realize that there is a fertile bed from which new activities and thoughts can spring forth in a new light to shine your way in the moment that you are living right now. See that moment for the potential that it presents to you, in your mind of forgotten dreams. Surrender that mind to Spirit, and allow the newness to find its home and inspiration as a child playing in the spontaneity of wild abandon.


I Am Avenda, speaking to all of you and this one, in the energy of the moment, for this is the energy that speaks of change and the atmosphere of newness born from the letting go of the old. Be as a child and allow the fruits to bear at your door the sweetness of new life.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate