Wakeup Call Message
October  26, 2005


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My dear ones, what in this world would you ask for if there was continual peace, if there was no more hunger, if all the world was restored to its pristine beauty, if everyone was living in harmony? What in the world would you ask for if you had achieved heaven on earth? I Am Sananda, and I pose this question for you to assess and to come to terms with what the state of the earth is right now.


This is a time when many will be in for a shock concerning the government that they regard highly. How do you see them as reacting when the news that is about to come forward flashes across their sensibilities and turns their world upside down? Do you think that there will be a calm acceptance, or will there be many dear ones who will be in despair and searching for an answer that will help them to make sense of their lives?


These ones will face the terror of declaring that their lives are for naught, for their lives and belief systems have supported the government and its practices for a long time. They have seen the leaders step up to the podium and declare that they are motivated by God.


Look for a moment at these people. Look at the chagrin with which they will run from the reports that the news brings them. Are they your friends or family? Are they your neighbor who has always been steadfast in their belief? How will they react to you when they remember that you told them once not long ago that their beloved government was not as solid as they thought? Will they look to you for answers and will they represent what you said as a possible truth?


This is your time my dear ones, to find they graciousness at work in your heart. This is the time to bring your compassion into every encounter you make with anyone who has in the past declared you to be a radical, and without merit in your thought.


You who have been following your own beliefs and who have been dedicating your life to your own truth, how are you going to see these ones? Will you remember that their belief has been as strong and sure as yours? Will you see that for but a different perspective, you could be the one being confused and feeling dismayed?


There is a story that I will share with you. It is short and sweet, while at the same time poignant. Two people, a man and a woman who lived in different parts of town and believed in different Gods, came together in a train station one day. On this day there was an obstacle ahead on the tracks, and just in time the train was able to stop and avert a collision. In the abrupt stop many of the passengers where thrown together, and were able to, after much embarrassment, disengage themselves from each other’s laps.


These two people were no exception, and once they were disentangled they recognized each other from the PTA meetings they attended. The man said to the woman, “Thank God we’re not hurt. That could have been a bad accident.”


The woman looked back and answered, “We were thrown together by providence. This is our chance to know one another better, perhaps.”


The man wanted to just leave this episode alone, for he knew she was of a different faith. He nodded and shrugged his shoulders. “If you think so, but I don’t see any point,” he said.


The woman looked him in the eyes and answered, “You are the reason for my intervention in many arguments that our children have gotten into. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t intervene I would allow them to come to their own conclusions.”


The man puzzled asked, “Why is that?”


“Because, my dear friend, you are the reason that they argue in the first place. I have heard them various times, and I always come to your rescue. I tell them that everyone has the right to their own belief. Knowing that it is also imperative that the other one respect that and not feel that his belief is in danger of being discredited. There is not one who can discredit a belief one has, lest it first be discredited in his own heart.”


My dears, this can lead to much confusion and much disdain between people. And when a belief is challenged then that person is able to see his own degree of strength within his belief.


When you find that you are shaken by what is termed to be a deformity in your belief as represented by a deed that another has done in the name of that God, then you may look at your own reaction and find an answer by which you can go forward from that point in your life.


Compassion is by far the strongest tool that one can use in regard to another, and to oneself. For compassion opens the door for an acceptance of what is and a decision to look deeper for the truth within your own belief.


As we go forward into this day and we see the steps that are being taken, think of how your neighbor, friend, family member might respond to the news. Be ready if one of them is in despair to allow them their own consul and to supply the information that springs from your compassion that may be an element of reason that can ease their despair and feel safety in your friendship. 


I know that you all have this foremost in your minds for I see the colors of your auras. You are bright shining examples of what it is to be in heaven and living that light. As I go now and leave you to your day, I do so with the knowledge that you completely understand my story, and that you could have told that story yourself. My telling it is my way of a gentle reminder of who you are, and how much I honor and love you all.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate