Wakeup Call Message
October  18, 2005


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My dear ones give me a moment and Iíll give you a day. Give me a mountain and Iíll give you a river. Give me a juicy tidbit of news and Iíll give you a whole newspaper. Give me your love and attention and Iíll give you my life.


Good day, I AM Sananda, and I give you all my attention as we wind down these last times of the phase of life in which the light returns to the earth in full force. This is the time when gifts are given in fullness and in the love of the All.


As you go on with your day there are various chores that you assign yourself. You arise in the morning and ready yourself for a full day. As you leave your home you go out into the world and you go about your business.


Then in a momentís flash, all is changed. All has come o a different picture, and with that change comes a realization that you have been asleep for a long, long time. In that flash you awaken to a part of you that enables you to move forward in a new light through this day.


You may decide that the job you were to go to is no longer appealing to you. You may reluctantly continue on toward that job, wishing that you could play hooky, or better yet, not go in at all. You wish that a magic fairy would come along and tell you that you have won a million dollars and that you do not have to go to work ever again.


This is a dream you would create for yourself, if onlyÖÖÖ..But wait! Maybe you can create that dream after all. Why did that thought occur to you in that moment? What was it that created that thought right then? Was it providence? Youíve heard about this sort of thing, but youíve never experienced it. Or have you?


Now you take a moment and you bring in the rationalization. You tell yourself that you have to go into work today, but that you will in your lunch break find a newspaper and begin to look for another job. You feel good about that idea, and as the morning wears on you feel less and less satisfied with being there. Why canít you focus and get the work done? Why did you never feel this discontent with your job before?


Or did you not? Didnít you find yourself repressing those thoughts because the alternative of changing your life was too overwhelming? Didnít you feel like you just didnít have the energy; it took all your energy to just get through the day?


Well now, my dear ones look at this for a moment. I know there are those of you to whom this would not present a problem. I know that some of you would go out and change jobs and get on with it and never look back. That is commendable.


What about those who find themselves overwhelmed with that scenario? How do you find the courage and the energy to make that change? Youíve examined this question many times and come up with the same answerÖI donít know; I have no clue!


Listen to me for a moment. I have something to share with you. Youíve just awakened to a feeling about yourself that you havenít experienced before, is that not true? You are admitting to yourself that you dislike your job; in fact it wears on you terribly. Well, take a clue from that; you have taken your first step toward freedom. Thatís right, you have taken that first step that you thought would be so hard to do, and now you have the most difficult part of this licked.


Now you can go out and take that next step. What is that next step; how have you identified that before? I know, you never got to that next step because you never got beyond the first. Okay, now you are beyond the first, and you know on a level that you are able to access what that next step is. You say it feels like the first step? I see, and what I have to say to that is, see how easy it was to get beyond the first step!


There, I see that light of understanding go on! I see the realization that you can do the next step. It is easy, isnít it? You know what the next step is? You just saw a picture of a little girl in a park and she was swinging on a tree swing. She looked like you? And that little boy sliding down the slide, he looked like you?


That means something, doesnít it. You want to have fun in life. You want to go out in life and play; you havenít played in so-o-o-o long! Well, do it! Go and play hooky! The world wonít fall apart, and you never know what brilliant ideas may come as you slide and swing through your day. Never mind the ones at the office; tell them you need a day off, and you are having a day of rest.


Now youíve gotten through the first part of your new freedom. Two steps and you thought it was going to be so hard. Now you are seeing that you can do anything and it will be much easier than you thought. Congratulations!


Now letís make a slight change of scene. You are faced with a situation that is troubling to you. You see what is taking place all over the globe; people are dying, people are starving, people are being sent to prison because they were blackmailed into something. People are being stolen from; they are being victimized. People are running scared because they feel that at any moment they could lose everything they have because inflation has risen to the point where they canít afford to pay the bills they could a year ago.


Who would have known this would happen in America? Who would have known that the people in Iraq would lose so many of their friends and family? Who knew that a country that was supposed to be helping the world would turn on the world so viciously?


What is going to happen, and what can I do to stop all this and turn it around? I have to do something, you mutter, but what? I am only one person, and I donít even have a job I like. How can I make a difference?


Remember how it easy it was to take the first two steps toward your freedom. Remember the power you had to make those decisions, and now you have another decision to make. Donít think about the magnitude of the decision; think of how easy it was to bring forth the ideas that began your steps toward freedom.


The universe knows no size; one situation is the same magnitude as another, it makes no matter what it is. Just take the first step and then the next and the next, and before you know it all will be in working order and your intent for your life will be creating itself and manifesting in a way that suits you, because you are creating it from each individual step, one progressing from another.


This is how you create your life in purpose. This is how you get it done. This is how you live your power. This is how your mastery expresses itself through every step of the day. Go out there and show yourself that you are a master. Go out there and create your day in a way that makes sense to you and feels good deep down inside. Trust that as you make each step you walk in Grace, for each step was born in the purity of the first thought.


We will see you on the other side of the first thought, and we will shake your hand and hug your body, for we know that you have already made it. You are grand and you are masters in manifestation. Enjoy the trip, and know that you are loved.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate