Wakeup Call Message
October  11, 2005


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Dear friends and loved ones, I AM Sananda and I come today to ask you something of importance. I ask when was the last time you wondered about where this world is going, and what was your answer? What was it that you immediately responded with, and how can that determine what your life will look like in the near future?


I will give you an example. If what you said immediately was that the world is going to hell in a hand basket then that is what you will experience. You will feel that journey as surely as you feel what you feel in this moment.


However, if you go through the motions of taking note of what your immediate response was, then you can change what your experience is. Of course you have learned that have you not, and in the learning oft times you catch yourself and change that immediate thought.


When you do this there is a resonance set that keeps the truth of the moment intact. It gives over to the projection and re-establishes the truth of the moment and brings a result that is lasting. When this happens it is then presented with a timetable by which the manifestation of that thought comes about.


Take for instance the biding time of the ages. Take the nuance of the passage of time and break it into simple arithmetic. When you combine one and one and come up with two you have altered the simplicity one-fold. You have complicated the oneness and brought about another idea. This has created the duality that is present on earth.


I have simplified this equation for the sake of clarity, though what you are creating is more complex. As long as you keep the equation simple and complete, then you will always come up with the truth. In this case as when your thought creates into manifestation, then the simplicity has been held and preserved till manifestation.


Then what does it do? Have you wondered about that? What happens to the original thought when it has come into manifestation; does it remain in the ethers, and perpetrate itself consistently? Does it replicate itself with a continuity that is everlasting? This is a point to ponder.


What I tell you now and present for your surmising is that it does just that. The thought is forever recreating itself in memory, and as the momentum of that creation takes on a differing thought, it is then changed. How does that happen? It happens when a new figure is brought into the equation.


Say you have a one and one equals two equation and you introduce into it a new part that is six. You do this through the process of interference; you do this without the request and allowance of this new figure. What you have created now is an imbalance and there is no manifestation, for the thought has brought changes and the truth is out of balance.


One would think that the resultant creation from that point would be eight, however, this creates a different equation, and this one is moldable. This one can eliminate one of the figures and the result may be seven, or eleven, or maybe one.


How can this be? Consider that there are three figures to work with here, and consider that the balance is now gone and that presents a situation that is flexible and can succumb to the whim of nature. Truth will win out, and the balance will be re-established. This will cause the three figures to be rendered something else, or to bring about disharmony that will remain until another figure is introduced to the equation.


This is done all the time, my dear ones. This is what is taking place in truth constantly. There is this continual flow of the different equations that are all in sync with the truth of the universe. Within this equation is the intent to always retain the balance, and that is why the interplay within the original equation.


This is what is taking place in manifestation right now on earth. This is why there are all these events that are taking place and showing themselves in this last segment of the phase of duality of earth life. Once this balance is found to be remaining and steadfast, then the equation will be forever in balance. There will be no more struggle for the equation will have found the momentum of truth and this will be as perpetual motion.


This will come about because the ones who are now operating in that imbalance, the ones who are providing that third figure, will be removed from the equation. They will not only be removed, but their legacy will be that they have in leaving restored the balance that is required to keep that momentum. There will not be an imbalance brought about from that point, for to try to enter that third figure would render that intent to balance itself. Then it would be allowed entrance into the perfect system.


This is how the mathematics of the truth works. This is how the equations introduce themselves and meld into the perfection of the universal equation. This is how the people of earth are bringing the perfection of the balance to fruition. It is through their awakening to their own innate balance, which in reality is the perfection of the universal equation of One.


So when you have a thought that is followed by another and another, and this establishes a symbiotic resonance, there is a momentum established and through this momentum comes the manifestation of the original thought. The original thought was of something more of Itself. That is how we all came about. We are the more of Itself, and with the remembrance of this truth, we are bringing back the perfection of the One.


Remember this the next time you have a thought about what is taking place in the world today. Think about that in regard to the journey you create with every thought. Think of the power in your thoughts, and then wield that power back to the simplicity of the One. You will feel that power and you will grow light and you will feel at peace.


We love and honor your journey, and we welcome you to the perfection of the One.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate