Wakeup Call Message
October  03, 2005





My dear ones, are you ready for another surprise? Are you in line for what is often called a coup-deta? Well get ready for this is what is coming your way in the next few days. As we go into the month and all that is to take place, we do so with a fervor that will rival all that has come before in your recollection. I AM Hatonn, and with this intro I ask to be excused, for there is someone else who would like to take it from here. Enter my friend, Sananda!


Nancy: I am laughing so hard I have to take a moment to collect myself. Hatonn is such a dear!


Sananda: Well my dear, this is a grand way to begin a conversation. I must say that Hatonn does have a way about him. We here on his ship are in such jovial humor that we cannot help ourselves.


Seriously, with all kidding aside, we do have something to tell you that will further warm your hearts and take away any lingering doubt that this is the last cycle of the dark vs the light; if there is any validity to the premise of darkness.


I question that because in reality the darkness is but a mere trace of the absence of light and on up in degree away from the knowledge of light. In truth, the light is always present; it is merely the idea of darkness that makes it so.


Take for instance the idea that there is no sun shining on the other side of the moon. That would serve to explain why you never see the other side. In a way that is correct, however given that the other side of the moon is never turned in your direction gives the thought that you cannot see it, for no sun shines on it.


What if I were to tell you that is merely a perception. What if I were to tell you that the sun does indeed shine its light on the other side of the moon. I would tell you that in that instance, there is a time when the sun shines itís rays directly on the other side of the moon and in so doing it gives life to that part of the moon that establishes itís own method of life sustainability.


Iím not saying that there is a continual stream of light that gives it the glow that you see from the surface of the earth on the one side that you see. I am saying that as the moon rotates around the earth, with the earth, it also is in connection with the sun.


This means that there is a certain time of the solar year in which the other side of the moon turns to the sun in a way that presents itís backside for a view to the sun. This does not mean that you on earth are aware of it, for there is not that view that turns itself toward earth.


In this way, there is a time when the life sustaining properties of the sunís rays give themselves to the other side of the moon and enables the complex systems of the moon to reestablish themselves once more. This is part of the ecosystem that was incorporated into the moon when it was created.


Yes, this is part of what was built into the moon. As many of you have heard, the moon that you presently see is a manufactured moon. The two original ones were destroyed in galactic wars, and because of the gravitational pull the moon has on earth, there had to be a replica created to replace the original moons and to provide that pull. Rather than create two replicas the one moon was instilled with all the properties of the two moons and then strategically placed in rotation around the earth.


This placing was carefully calculated in order to create the balance of the two moons in the one you now see. As the sun plays its rays on the other side of the moon that one time of the solar year, she actually gives it itís life sustaining abilities that keeps a part of the moonís life intact. This life/memory is what has been programmed into the moonís system, and it keeps itself in place and operating through some of the facilities on the other side.


That is but one of the functions for the facilities that are there. Of course you cannot see them for you cannot see that side, however they are there and they serve to keep not only the balance and equilibrium, but also they serve to welcome any of the cosmic family whenever they require a place to base their activities and lend their expertise to the maintenance of the moon.


There will come a time in the restoration of the solar system when this moon will be dismantled and returned to pure energy. That is when the original two moons are brought back from the etheric blueprint in which they are held now. Then there will be a synchronistic involvement of those moons, the earth and all of the rest of the solar system.


Does this at all bear any resemblance to what is taking place on earth? Is there any way that you can see the reverse, or what you might call the reflective abilities of this system of the moon and earth? Also can you see the relevance of this information to the information about the darkness and what it really is?


Knowing that all in this universe is a hologram, perhaps you can see how this is so in this message and the subjects we have covered. The point I make here is to further explain to you about darkness, and this can give you a deeper understanding of how this is all playing out and how in its simplicity you find the truth.


I leave you with this for now, and I invite you to explore the relevancy of what to you may now seem non-existent. But wait, give it more time and consideration, and then see what you come up with. You may even supply some of the missing pieces of the puzzle that I have purposely left out. It is all part of opening up to your own knowing, and it is done through the ability you have to find the keys to open any door.


I go now and leave you to your puzzle. Enjoy, and Salu!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate