Wakeup Call Message
October  31, 2005


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   St. Germain 


My dear ones, I come to you today with a mission. This mission is one of self-fulfillment and self-justification. I AM St. Germain and I come to tell you of a way that can empower you to create your world to represent that, which is foremost in your heart.


In these days of unsettlement in the world, there is much that is to be uncovered. There is much that serves to bring the truth of what has been hidden for so long into the open. As these truths come forward and serve the people of the land, it is wise to hold a detachment from them and to instead see it all as the lifting of the barriers to freedom and joy.


When you hear of what is brought forward by the various people in the process of the uncovering, you may find that much of what is revealed may hit home and push some buttons. If this is the case then I suggest that you allow the emotions to flow in a way that cleanses your soul. Allow those emotions to direct you to a truth within yourself of how much your own supposed inadequacies have been tempering your life and the decisions that you have been making.


This is a time when some of you will be finding levels of stuff that have been relegated to the basements of your souls. You have been dealing with the issues that surface in a way that enables you to go on in this life and find the ways in which you can cope with the things that cause you to shudder and feel less of a person, and less able to walk in freedom.


Now you will be facing those feelings of degradation and unworthiness. You will be given the opportunity to release them, as the shadows are being released from the light that encompasses all of earthlife. You will be able to walk away from the encumbrances that have befallen your freedom and this will be a new awakening for you.


You will find a new lightness in your step. You will know that as the burdens of the past are being lifted in the world, so too is the heaviness you have been feeling. You will realize that as these burdens melt away into the annals of history there will be a new awakening to who you really are and why you are here.


Believe the nuances of whispers that awaken in you the memories that move to the surface of your consciousness. When you feel the irritability of that which gnaws on you and causes you to search for relief, look inward and ask, what is this that knocks on my door asking to be let out. Then respect that which comes and know that upon release comes a new lightness.  Know that as you move forward in this lightening process you reflect what is taking place in the material world.


You are all connected. You face a time in your life when you are finding the unitedness of humanity. You are seeing the evolvement of a species as it heads into the Promised Land. This is the evolution process that brings you to a new beginning. In this new beginning you will find a whole new world opening up to you. You will find wonders of this planet that have been hidden from you are beginning to be revealed in many more ways than has been to date. You will find that as the days and months go on you will be hearing more and more of the civilizations that live within your earth. You will hear of the legacy that these civilizations hold for you and how they will greatly enhance your ascension processes.


Hold onto your hats, my dear ones, for the cork is about to come out of the bottle. As you and the world release your hidden traumas and energies of fear, you will be replacing those energies with light and love. In the process you will be going full speed ahead into the new life that is being held in trust for you.


For every fear-based energy that is released you will find upon itís heals a grand and joyful feeling or experience that will fill that space that was just vacated. This feeling will give you a whole new lease on life, and will send you into new directions that bring you only the joy and fulfillment of promise in the light and love of The Creator.


This is a grand time for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We know that all her inhabitants are not only those who live on her surface. She supports and gains support from the ones who will bringing you memories of yourselves as you were when you first came to this planet to begin this game. I speak of your family who came from the stars as you did. I speak of your brothers and sisters who have been holding the energies of your light for eons of time.


Go now into your day and know that what you see come forth on the news is the representation of what is taking place within your own beingness. You are solid in this experience, and you are the authority that directs this play. You have it well in hand and as the curtain goes down on this final act, you will return for a curtain call that all of Creation will applaud.


Have a grand rest of the day, and we will be watching your play from the heavens as you trip through life in a joyful dance. We love and honor the times that you have brought, and we laugh with joy as you go about the hauntings of this play on this day and eve.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate