Wakeup Call Message
October  12, 2005


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones, may we come and talk with you a bit of the times that are presently steering the events on your planet today? May we intersperse some light for all of you to go by and to allow you to see the finer picture here? I AM St. Germain and I have something to present this day that may begin to turn your way of thinking to a more progressive vein.


I AM pleased to announce on this day that there has recently been a shift in the energies that are motivating your growth. This shift has come about through the intent of the whole on your planet. With this shift will come the opening of another portal that has heretofore been closed and inactive since the beginning of the duality on earth.


What this means is that with the caliber of events and the response to them there has been an increase in the amount of compassion and extension of love that is emanating forth from the majority of humans. With this increase comes an energy that supports the advent of the New Golden Age in a way that we saw only in possibility at this time.


Since this has come about there are to be two changes in the structure of the timetable by which you will come to ascension. The first one is that there will be a further quickening of the events that shield the earth from the bombardment of the integrative energies of the universal Grace.


What this means is that through these energies there was to have been a step up of the ascension through the intent of The Creator alone, for it was seen to have been a necessary step for the evolution into ascension. This is no longer the case, and so you are in the process of achieving that status through your mechanisms. That is a broad step for you, for it means that you will arrive at ascension in a more decisive manner and with a complete opening to yourselves and all that is.


The other thing that has been changed is that there is to be a completely new manner in which the following events of earth will magnify and affect the rest of the universe. This is due to the energy of complete knowingness that will be emitted forth from all those who will remain on the planet at the time of the opening.


This is a percentile of the life on earth at this moment, and as events unfold there will be a slow steady increase in the numbers of people who will, through their decision, leave earth and continue their journey on the other side. In this there will be a steadying of the energies of Gaia, and this means that her evolutionary process will be supported from all dimensions in which those of earth have chosen to remain, and to return to in these next months.


How this will be shown and played out on earth is that the numbers of casualties and events that spur those casualties will lesson, and the effect on the earth will be minimal in scope compared to what would have been. Those who choose to leave earth will do so and continue their work with Gaia and all of humanity from their new place in the heavens. This will bring about a direct support from the energies that will continue to assist Gaia in her process of restoration.


This is tremendous news for all of us, for with this stepping up we will see a grand difference in the way that the changes come about on earth in the next months. Through the heaven-inspired works of several people on earth who are involved in the governmental changes all over the globe, we will see a direct subversion of the present governmental process and a return to the original intent of the first ones who crossed the ocean in search of a new freedom.


This original intent energy will be supported in a fresh new way by these two changes in structural energy. Through them we will see a more far-reaching result of the decisions that are and have been being made in that regard. We will likely see a governing process that reflects that change in a quickening of the events as they unfurl in the next few weeks.


I suggest that in this time you all come to terms with the decisions you have made for your lives at this time. I suggest that you take heed at what situation you find yourself in, and how you will proceed from this point. We realize that you have been feeling a bit of late as if you are floating in a murky pond of water and that you cannot see your way clear to find the bridge that will lead you from that murkiness onto the shore of change.


This, my dear ones is soon to pass for you. Soon you will find the bridge is before you standing regal and sure. You will step onto the bridge and walk to the next step, knowing that you called for the bridge and that is why it appeared. You were clear of heart and your intent was pure, and that is what called it to your present state of mind.


As you go through the next few weeks and are led to find the steps, one by one, two by two, you will see how the moment suits the times and how being true to the moment suits you. You will unfailingly stride forward in this truth that you have brought to your world, and you will do so in joy and intent that is solid and full of Grace. This Grace is brought through the knowledge that you are creating in the same energy of the Creator, for you are the Creator in all that you do.


Go now into your day and sing the song of love. Sing the song of joy and truth, and watch what comes over the horizon. It is sweet and it is sure, and it is Light, as are you.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate