Wakeup Call Message
October  10, 2005


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  St. Germain 


My dear ones, this is a day in which you can all look at yourselves and ask, what is it I did to help to bring us to this point in history. You can all look and see the bright ray of gold that leads from the abundance that is soon to fall upon you and see that there is a ray for everyone on this planet. Yes, that is correct, for every one on this planet. I AM St Germain, and I have something to tell you that is of profound importance in the events that are about to befall on planet earth.


With the onset of the indictments that Mr. Fitzgerald has been preparing, there has been a program by which the events surroundings his action has been formulated. This program is one that has been carefully formed and painstakingly caused to be one in which there is to be a freeing of the people of the earth.


With this formula we will find a sequence of events that will spiral and bring all that has been acting to bring down the present dark agenda and to release all of the tyranny that has been mounting over the eons.


As we go into the next days we are likely to see a cascading of events that will serve to bring certain destiny to a close. This destiny is one that was created when the minions came to this planet and agreed to carry out a diabolical scheme that would serve to keep the humans in captivity up until the early part of the millennia.


At that time there would be a grand opening of the destined gateway that would carry the release energies that had been at bay since time began. At that time there would be the speeding up of time and the results would be that the light would be felt more profoundly and at such a rate of increase as to awaken all those who still kept their remembrance intact to the degree that it was allowed within the duality energy.


Yes, it is true that the energies of ascension were first recognized and allowed by all of you at the time of the harmonic convergence. It is also true that the ones who have been holding the negative energies felt that change as well. Their reaction to that was different from yours, as was meant to be, for it signaled to them that the beginning of the change in energies was about to begin. With this signal something happened that they found to be an incontrollable energy, that of their will to continue in the darkness that they had created.


This was an unexpected turn of events in some quarters. We of the Federation had an idea that this might happen, for we had seen in our monitoring that there was the possibility. We knew that they would continue in the same vein that they had established, and so we continued to send them our light in a way that was both supportive and established in freedom energy.


This they responded to in a way that increased their momentum. They found that they were struggling for their very lives and they were not willing to let go of their powerful position on earth. They responded to our communications of love with a deepening resistance, and this has brought about the ‘out of control’ status in which they now reign, or feel that they do.


They have lost sight of what they considered to be the goal. They had thought that they would come to a position in this duality where they would rule with an iron fist, and then at the point where the end was near, they would come to an equitable understanding and they would be the ones who would be able to live in their energy of power on the planet with all of you. They had felt that they would be the ruling clan and that they would reign over all of you. This was the peaceful ending to the duality that they had foreseen.


Within their perspective they had seen that all would be grand and glorious and that they as leaders would have all of you gladly and with acceptance following their rule and giving homage to their cause. This was the limitedness of their perspective, for they could not foresee that there could be any other way for this to come to a finalization. How could there be any kind of final outcome but than for the mere humans to realize the true powerful species?


This is the reason that they are out of control now. They do not perceive of any other finalization than that. That is programmed into their DNA. They do not see that all are equal in the eyes of The Source, and therefore they fight to the end.


This is why we ask that all of you see them in compassion as they spend their last energies on earth. We ask that you expend energy in their direction that says that you understand and that you know they are a part of all of Creation. This is why we ask that you bid them farewell and show them in the energetic way that you have that you will see them in the light of The Source in the way that comes when they recognize the oneness that they share with all of you.


As the days come and go on planet earth, and the events bring to light what has been taking place behind the scenes for these many centuries, there will be an increase in confusion. As this happens you lightworkers are in position to ease this confusion for so many who will be searching to make sense of what they are hearing.


We know that you are prepared. We know that you have remembered and will continue to remember the truth of who you are and what you are capable of. We watch as we see your encounters with people on the street, in the restaurants, in your favorite dancing places, anywhere that you go. We see you interacting with people and when they ask pertinent questions you recognize their request for truth. We watch as you supply the words that trip the mechanisms that begin to open the truths within their being.


This is a pivotal time in this world. It is a time when many are changing their minds about what has been taking place. This is a time when many are searching for a different way to think, though they may not recognize that this is what is taking place. They simply are confused and one way that shows itself is through their steadfast clinging to their old belief systems. They feel a difference, and it is unsettling to them, so they hold on even more strongly to what they believe, though it is that very belief system that is beginning to crumble.


There are other ones who may come to you and declare strongly that you are way off base. These are the ones who may want to challenge you in a way that can be threatening. In these cases hold your truth and hold your center, for there is a strength in the truth that can override anything that is rooted in fear.


You are on the road to a grand entrance into the light. Freedom and abundance are the particles of this light; they make up what is represented in the truth of The Source. Keep your peace and know that you are invincible as you stand in the light and speak the words of The Creator.


We love and honor you with a respect that is complete and everlasting. Go now out into your world and see it as perfection, for it is. Love is all around and the walls of fear are soon to come tumbling down.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate