Wakeup Call Message
October  05, 2005



  St. Germain 


Come with me my sweet friends and family. Come with me a find the solace in the blessings of truth. Come and we shall find the kingdom of heaven to be right here on earth. Come and we shall make it so together.


I AM St Germain, and I come to invite you on a journey that takes you beyond the ordinary and into the hearts of the just and good. This is a journey in which there is to be no governance ‘cept of yourself. This is a time in which you will be pleased unto yourself, and that will be as to the masses.


We are all one, and in that knowingness we shall create the spectacle of the ages and we will do that right here on this lovely and rich planet. We shall create the way of life that is encumbered by nothing, and free to express in the glory that we are. We will bring to the tower of Babylon the one straw that topples all that is not Holy. We shall find the serenity that is the supreme expression of the love that is everlasting.


As we do this we shall find along the way the path to be joyful and full of laughter. We shall find that the cobwebs of long forgotten dreams to spin into a tapestry of beauty and promise that sets the hearts to reeling in a dance of profound ecstasy. This is the promise that we make to each other, for this is the way of Divinity.


As we go forward in this dream, we do so with the finality that is forever closed to the darkness. There will be no darkness that hides and subverts, for it will not exist in our world. We shall find the semblance of what we have only dreamed and it will be so much more than what we in our wildest dreams can come up with.


It will be as the life of a cherished infant who has been born with the ability to do all things and remember all things while at the same time know oneself completely. We will walk in that innocence that this one has come to refer to as informed innocence. We shall have overcome all obstacles to the light, and will have seen the glory that is The Creator in all that is said and done.


First, my dear ones, we will walk these next few steps through perfidy, and we will see what we are not. We will experience the deepest of what the light is not and we shall hang on the periphery as it swims past us and gives only a residue to our experience of it. We shall watch as the shadows play their games with each other and as the ones who have stepped forward carry through with their ministrations of truth. This is a game that we have all agreed to take part in, and as it winds down to a semblance of the promise of a peaceful and free climax then we will stand up and be noticed in the eyes of the most Holy.


This is the time that we have all been planning, for as we see the steps unfold in our faces, on our screens, in our living rooms, we shall know that the time for release is upon is. We shall know that the promise is being fulfilled and that the rewards are within reach. This is the time of richness and promise to be spelled out and delivered to each and every one of us.


Take my hand dear ones and come with me to the Promised Land. We shall decorate the halls with the glory of flowers. We shall give unto the corridors the bejeweled crowns of richness that spell of abundance. We shall sing the tones of love and light throughout the land. We shall dance in the streets and welcome all who come into our lives, for they are grand and they are Holy. With our celebration comes the knowledge that we are over the mountain and have reached the other side. Do you feel it? Do you taste the glory? Do you hear the revelry and the tones of love as they waft across the meadows and sing into every soul?


So do I, my dear ones, so do I. Come and sit here beside me and I will tell you a story of how you got here. Come and listen as I whisper in your memory to awaken you to yourselves. This is the ending of a great play that you wrote and you performed. Now the curtain is about to fall and then rise on a brand new production. This one will be focused in glory, and the Divinity of All will be the name of this era in the annals of time/timelessness, as to your choice.


We shall meet at the one o’clock hour when time is no longer staid and unbending. Then we shall rejoice forevermore together. I love you all, and I see your glow reaching out into the universe.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate