Wakeup Call Message
October  13, 2005


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There’s a time to hurry and there’s a time to rest. There’s a time to worry and there’s a time to ease your mind. There’s a time to cease to be, and there’s a time to be in perpetuality. This is the time to be in perpetuality and all the other will be as it is. All of the other will contain all that is intended. It is up to you to choose and to be in that perpetuality that is all that is.


I AM Korton of the Galactic Federation, and I come to you today through this one with a message that tells of what is in store for all of you. First I will identify my purpose in this journey, and I will enlighten you as to my coming to be in your midst.


There was a time long ago on your planet when it looked as if the original Armageddon was to be played out as was prophesied, for so many of earth had bought into that premise. There was a decided effort to bring to compliance, with that premise, all the events that would lead to that outcome.


There was also a band of a chosen few who had another idea. These were the ones who instituted the memory of another idea that had been brought into the sequence of planned events. With this idea there came the advent of the foreclosure of a metaphor that would change the Armageddon idea forever.


This foreclosure was that of the idea of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the virgin birth along with the subsequent crucifixion of Jesus and then the rising from his grave to ascend to heaven. This was to have been the end of civilized humanity for this was to have been a message that was not heeded by humanity, and therefore this would have meant their demise on earth as a mighty force for the ‘good’.


My friends, I am here now to represent the new idea. I am here to let you know that I was a part of that old energy, and I was one of the disciples who walked with the one known as Jesus. I came to play a part in the idea of the story, and in that idea I gave promise to the idea of Christianity.


That is as far as it goes, my dear friends, for now there is a new idea being played out. I see that my time in that era was not for naught. I see that all is according to the Holy Scriptures as they were first prophesied and as they were originally set down.


Jesus came here for a purpose. He came to show the world that he was a representative of what could be, should humanity choose to live his promise. He came to show through his life, the inner workings of his Godself. He represented in the metaphorical happenings of what he was experiencing within.


Now you are seeing the results of his life that he lived in a quite ordinary way in reality. His work was on the inner plane, and it represented itself in the outer illusion of what has been seen as to be the life of Jesus the Christ. He is now expressing that inner work in all of you. All of you are living the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and you are in the crucifixion stage of that story.


Remember when he purportedly said on the cross, “Father, why hast thee forsaken me?” What do you think this really means in the way of what humanity is living right now? Are there not some of you who are feeling abandoned, who knew that they had learned what life is really about, who they really are? Then they found and are finding that this seems to all be a big joke, that there is nothing to back it up, and nowhere to turn for the proof.


Well, congratulations my dear ones of doubt, for you have arrived at the point in your life where you are hanging on the cross. You are in anguish, and you are in pain. You are seeking to find the relief of truth that will set you free.


My dear ones remember what comes next. Look at the sequence of events. You will die to the doubt and confusion; some of you are already there. You will sink to the pits of hell and remain for ‘three days’; some of you have already been there. You will arise and ascend to heaven where you will attain your lightbody; some of you have seen that journey begin. Then you will walk among the people and you will live a long and blessed life on earth walking in your lightbody and experiencing a life on earth as the others do.


This is what Jesus was telling us as he lived his life. He gave us a metaphor for how we were to lead our lives. This was the roadmap for us, and he wanted to be the one who represented all of this, for he was the one who stood in line for the beginning of the end of the illusion.


I am one who stood beside him in those days. I was Lazarus, and I am now one who stands beside Sananda and St. Germain, as I did then. I work with the Federation as an aspect of Lazarus and in this capacity I am able to come to earth when the time comes and help you through the times that will take you to the ascension part of the story.


I am going to go and tend the sheep now for I have a mission in this life. The sheep have gotten a bad name of late and I wish to set the record straight. The sheep are too undergoing a transformation. As the shepherds watched their flocks they observed that with a slight bit of danger they would give up and succumb to the danger. They would lie down and die for they saw no hope in sight and had little faith.


Now the shepherds are seeing a different sheep. They are seeing that the sheep facing danger will change course, they will take another road and will step away from danger. These sheep are becoming powerful and self-preserving, for they are being empowered through their own ability to see further than the end of their nose.


This is what we are seeing, and this is what we foresaw not that long ago. We knew that you would all take the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and live the metaphor to the sublime opening of a whole new life.


I bid you adieu, and I bless each and every one of you for the empowerment that you are accomplishing. The meek shall inherit the earth, and shall come through powerful and sweet.


Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate