Wakeup Call Message
October  24, 2005



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There is something that is about to happen that will spell the end to the government of the United States, as we know it. As the days of this week march forward and present their activities we will be seeing an abrupt turn in the function of the government. We will see the house of cards come falling down, and the beginning of the new way of governance will be born in the hearts and minds of all citizens of earth.


Good morning, I am Hatonn, and once more I come to you to bring you news of the earth and her association with the cosmic family from whom she is receiving assistance in these times of revolutionary change. I come to tell you of the attempts by the Bush regime to steamroll past these coming changes and throw everything off guard in order to slip under the rug these changes that are being brought about through the actions of the special prosecutor Fitzgerald and the various other people who are working diligently to bring these matters to hand.


Realize that these attempts of the Bush regime are merely that. Their attempts are built around fallacy, therefore cannot stand. They are the mark of desperation and will not even surface with any energy or momentum for there is no basis on which they are made.


When you hear reports of an attack on foreign soil for the sake of a democratic world, you are hearing fallacy. When you hear of the warranted increase of soldiers in Iraq and other places around the world, they are fallacy and are not going to be proven to be necessary.


We are there in those others lands and we are seeing that any attempts to cause an increase in the energies of war are not happening. We are seeing that though there have been more soldiers sent to various parts of the Middle East, those soldiers are not carrying out the assigned duties. They are in perpetual preparedness and are not actually involved in warfare. They are readying for battles that will not come. They are occupying areas that are not under siege in a way that is threatening to the lives of those who are in a position to lose their lives.


My dear ones, we are there in those places; we are seeing what is taking place. We know the reports tell you one thing; they tell you that fierce fighting is taking place. This too has been planned. This is a situation that has been staged to cover the truth. The truth is that there is not any fighting taking place in these areas. There is occupation, yes, however, lives are not being lost. Battles are taking place, however the bullets are not dangerous and do not kill.


We have gone beyond the point where we are only able to stop nuclear detonation. We have been given permission to stop all killing that is being brought about due to the activities of the Bush regime. We have done this according to the decree set down by the Creator that there be no more lives lost for the sake of the Bush regime. We have been able to preserve the lives of those whose contract does not involve leaving earth at this time.


As for any other lives that may be lost, these are the ones whose contract dictates that this be so. These are the ones, whether in battle, or in so-called ‘natural’ occurrences, such as the hurricanes, who are leaving because it is their time to go home to continue their journey in service to themselves and the earth.


So, as the reports come forward and the activities step up in this week, remember that Heaven is at work here. All that is taking place is ordained according to the interaction of earth and her people with Heaven. The Creator has seen the positioning that is taking place and has issued the decree that the only ones who lose their lives are the ones who will be declaring their sovereignty in Heaven. These ones will also be contributing to the playout of these next crucial steps in the outcome that is to propel earth and all of her inhabitants into the next phase of the acclimation of the New Golden Age.


We are with you all the way in these coming days. We are holding our light strong and sure for the realization of the coming changes. As the world is awakened to the news that is about to burst forth, they will have mixed reaction. It is time for all of you who have been preparing for this time to step forth and supply the answers that will be called for by so many. There will be much confusion and much consternation, and with the knowledge you have and the ability to communicate that knowledge you will be able to steady the quivering hearts and calm the angry souls.


Be ready for the inner instruction in this work. You will be advised as to the positioning where you will be of the most assistance. Be ready to make a move, or to meet some new people where you are. You will be guided through your inner knowing, and/or through our guidance to be in a position of the most benefit to those whom you will be serving. The way will be made possible for you, and the intuitive urges you have will give you this guidance. The ability to communicate will be sharpened by your own wisdom.


I leave this communication now and see you to your day. Be at the ready with a kind heart and a grateful soul. Give all of this love and compassion to any one and any situation that warrants it and as you do the unlimited love and compassion comes flowing into your souls and hearts in a never ending supply. You are Masters and as you walk in Grace, your Mastery enfolds all in your path.


We love and honor you and we lay our lives at your feet in humble homage to your Mastery.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate