Wakeup Call Message
October  21, 2005



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Good morning and good day to all of you. I AM Hatonn, and I would like to tell you what is taking place in the annals of time. I have visited the future and I have some news to report. There is going to be a great deal of consternation concerning the outcome of the upcoming trials unless the outcome is assured right now.


Allow me to clear this up; for Iím sure you are saying, wait a minute, what is he talking about. Iím saying that in the future I visited I saw a free man who was talking about the events that led to his freedom. I saw a man who looked like George W. Bush walking around in his freedom and sporting a smile on his face that beheld the assurance that he would live out his life in freedom on his ranch.


This came about through the governmentís ability to bring about a coup that served to outrank and out distance all that came in the way of the ministrations of the purity of Constitutional law. This was the course that was followed, and though there were many times when it looked like the Constitution would come out ahead, it did not indeed happen.


What did happen was that there was a continual usurpsion of the light and the practices of bringing justice and truth, and on top of all that there was a continual bringing of diversion to the lightworkers. This caused a weakening in the energies of truth, and in a matter of time there was a gradual return of strength to the present regime in the USA.


Mind you, I visited only one future. I visited the future of improbability. This is not the projected future for the world, for there is much taking place that is in the interest of freedom and justice and serves to bring the truth forward. However, there is a possible future that is already in the field and that is the future I saw.


As I set forth to visit a future, I did so with the intent to see the future that would be the most valuable to bring news of back to all of you. This was what I saw. I know how valuable it is for you to know of this, for it is a future that some of you have seen cannot happen. However, some people on earth today keep that possibility alive by giving energy to all that that future contains.


What those elements are, are the issues of money, the issues of trust, the issues of false and misleading information that come through the channels, as compared to the allowance of what is for the sake of keeping an energy of harmony and acceptance.


Where are you in these issues? How are you contributing to the energy of peace, truth and justice? Are you holding the energy of those very elements of a free society based in trust, and love, or are you supporting the energy of competition and doubt within the issues that are at the forefront?


I see that the motivation with all of you is stationed in your hearts. You are all basing your movements and actions with a clear energy of love and truth. Within your hearts and souls you believe that you are in the energy of truth gathering and love for your fellow humans. This is a bright light for us to see.


I come now to the energies that are being projected at this time. I bring you to the energies that have comprised that possible future I visited. I went there for I was to bring back what this present time can avoid in the future. I saw that the future based in the energies of deception will reap a future based in deception. That is what can be lived by some who project that energy.


I know that none of you want that kind of life. I know that there is not one of you who is reading this who will support that possible future, and these words are for you. You can avoid that future and create the one that I have seen that is the brightest and the most promising, and it is the future of your dreams. You determine that future by your actions and your decisions.


You have already created that future, bright with the New Golden Age and ready for you to realize and live. You will live that future and you will create more of that same energy as you go forth in your truth. You will learn more about creating your reality and you will enlarge the beauty and the promise of that light built in the love and trust that represents the freedom and truth of love.


I see that with this other reality of a future built in all that is not light and truth, is a very narrow and weak reality. It is based in untruth and in the belief in the darkness. This cannot hold up under the brilliance of the truth, and the creation of the greatest amount of love and light language represented in intent and action.


You are going to render that other future null and void by declaring that your intent is focused in the light, and by living that light. That means giving energy only to the light and dispelling the darkness with your light. When light brings itself to darkness, there is nothing that can overcome the light. When the door opens and the light floods the room, then even the tiniest of shadows disappears.


I go now and I brush away the cobwebs of time. I dispel all that was represented in that other reality I saw. I visited that reality to tell you what is not to be. I know that you will in this moment join with me to dissolve any energy that may have created that reality, for it was based in untruth. You are a part of the truth that creates, and as we go about working our light we go about creating the One true future, that of the absolute Light and truth in manifestation.


I love and respect all of you. I give this world to the light that shines forth from all of you. Blessings are on the horizon, and the long waited-for gifts are awaiting the distribution.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate