Wakeup Call Message
October  17, 2005



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Good day my dear ones, I Am Hatonn and I have some news to share with you. This is something that we are not surprised with and even something we saw that could take place. We wish to inform you that there is a definite resistance taking place that seeks to subvert the good works that the prosecutor from Chicago is doing. Realize that this is not as it seems, and that the prosecutor is working with us in terms of solidity to the cause of justice and truth.


There are certain factions in the government of the USA that take it upon themselves to throw a monkey wrench into any proceedings that serve the truth and the light. This is part of the resistance movement, and until the truth is exposed, this will continue.


We tell you this, which Iím sure comes as no surprise, for when the tables are set for the coming of the feast, there will be no empty chairs and the fullness of the feast will be served. The celebration will begin with the dessert course, and all will participate.


As we go into this day, we do so with the full abandon that represents a fullness of truth and a surety of justice being served. We see that with the end of this day there will be a decided step up of initiations in which the intended result will be still further compromised.


We see this as a direct result of the light of truth being ever closer to the door and that the lock has already been disengaged. Fear not the resultant measures of success, for there is no way that the truth can be deterred and the mess that is being sorted out be driven amiss, and entangled once more.


A straight line that will result in the coming together of the linear equation is in itís final stages and shall bring the intended results of all who support the truth, and the ends shall meet and form the completion of the circle. There will be no more diversions from the truth as the month winds down to the deliverance of the final chapter in this book of truth. With the closing of this book comes the opening of the next phase, and it is the rebuilding of truth, justice and peace in this world of worlds.


We in the cosmos, and of the truth seekers on earth are in the stages of finality in our work as well. We have come to support and give guidance in this journey of exposure, and in our workings we give also certain information as to the whereabouts of certain parties who have given their plight to the annals of history.


With this information-gathering the ones who carry forth with that information are able to uncover, through their own veracity, the ones who will not only lend a hand and offer what they know, but will as well come and testify as to that information. There is further gathering of this information as the days go on, and this is being done for the unabated frankness of the coming testimonies, and of the eye opening truths that will be bared to the people.


As we go about our workings this day, we see the forming of the webs that are being inexorably woven to catch certain people in their own truths. The ones who spin the webs do so with fibers that are so fragile as to break and be as nothing with the slightest breath of truth that shines itself upon them.


There is no welcome here to what is intended for the dishonor of those who stand in readiness for whatever it takes to bring truth and justice to the world. There is not one who can subvert the findings that have been compiled and that are to be presented to the world. There is no one who can mastermind a plot to overthrow the truth as it is being presented, for they operate in the shadows and cannot withstand the light of truth as it casts itself their way.


Know that the time is here for the knowingness of the inner light to cast itself upon the land and to reveal the final destiny of the ones who hide from their own truth. It is grand and it is glorious to see the light colors that emanate from all who cast their vote for the truth to come and be revealed. It is as a rainbow awash with the light of the eternal sun.


Go now into your day and see your own light being cast in every direction and see the glow infiltrate all that would hide from your truth. It is a glorious spectacle we see and we watch with awe as the sun shines forth and casts its glow over you. We love and honor all of you, and we stand in awe at your workings.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate