Wakeup Call Message
October  07, 2005


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Good day dear ones, Nancy has a question asked of her by a friend. She felt that the answer will be supplied here today. I AM Hatonn and I AM happy to oblige.


Question: Why are we living in this reality and experiencing all of this strife, war, injustice, and all of it? Why not just choose to live in another of the realities, or times that is taking place right now in simultaneous time?


Hatonn: There is a multitude of reasons for this. One of them is that in order to make all of these realities come into line with each other, there is a progression of steps that represents an elevation of ascension. These steps are interpreted by the body of the all and in this expression there is a semblance of industry that must be met.


By this I mean that with the presence of the events that are taking place there is a certain progression that supercedes any choice that is made. The choice in that respect is of The Creator and the vibratory will of the natural law. With this progression there is determined the falling into place of the events.


The beings who are expressing on earth at this time have a mission. They have chosen to come here and set into place the means by which this species shall return to the Creator and realize more fully who they are. It is a matter of fulfilling the intent that has been set by the whole.


In order to do this, they follow the vibratory progression that is created. They have the ability to travel through time for the purpose of adding to their growth and their progression of relativity, one event to another. Through this ability they are able to tap into the various timelines and enhance their knowing and growth through the relativity of that timeline to the one in which they operate at present.


Though all time is simultaneous, there is still the oneness of intent, and that intent of the whole is to live this particular reality and progress from the one that is experienced by the whole as the eternal Now. As mankind expresses in the eternal Now, it sets up the progression expression, and it is from that Now that linear time is determined. It is the Now in which all is experienced as the reality of choice.


If one were to go into another timeline and choose to remain there to live out their Now, they would forever be experiencing on that level of expression. They would not have the ability to supercede the level they went back to, for they would have always experienced that they came to a certain point and took a turn that kept them at a certain point. Their progression would take that turn at that point and would continue to take a turn at that point. They would have broken the linear expression of time in the progression.


At that point they would then have to receive Grace from the Creator in the form of a stepping over into the progression experience that has been determined by the rest of All That Is. In other words they would require a recession breaker in order to be able to rejoin the linear progression, rather than the circular rewinding of what has been.


You have all seen the flower of life represented in design. You have seen the perfection of beauty in its form and its never-ending circles that conjoin in a continuous pattern of growth. This is what is being created as all of existence expresses. With each new expression of experience, there is another circle created that intertwines with the rest of life. Life is a series of complete expressions of itself, spoken in the various unique expressions of life. As these circles are created, they bend the linear timelines into completion and this enhances the flower of life exponentially. The flower of life is a continual expression of Creation, and is ever expanding.


As one chooses to take a backward experience and relive it, or change it in their reliving, they do so without the benefit of having the knowledge of the progression of the rest of their parts, in other words, all of creation. This results in the continual patterning that is represented in the duality of earth life at this time. It is a backward glance that keeps the realities returning in other lifetimes as the sameness of non-progression, while others move on into new experience. This is how the patterning of the duality takes place.


At this point in time, there is a new idea taking place. This is to go forward without looking back and to find the concentric circles that are the expression of Divinity from which they sprung. These are the expressions from which you all came to earth, and they have been enhanced by all the experience that you have accumulated throughout this earth life.


As you come to the apex of this life choice of free will/duality, you are also approaching the energies from which you came to earth. These energies are now further enhanced with what you have added to the whole. You have enlarged the expression energy of the whole and rendered the flower of life much more than it was in expression.


In this mutual Now time, you have all agreed that this is the timeline in which you will set in place a circle of the flower of life that is beyond all circles, and in so doing you are enhancing the whole. This is in purpose, for to choose another timeline to express as a whole or as disjointed parts of the whole, an imbalance would occur and it would render the flower of life staid and unmoving. It would keep the growth, the further enhancement from its natural progression.


That is out of the natural order of all there is. That is the opposite of the highest expression of light. This is not a natural progression energy, and is impossible for any of the whole to experience, for it would mean instant voidance of the all in the law of the universal expression. It would create another whole level in which the ones who chose to express out of the natural order would create.


Nancy: I feel that this is the closest I can comprehend what I am receiving from Hatonn, and from my inner knowing. Often I receive info that goes beyond the words I have to be able to express what I receive. This is one of the situations that many channelers have, I feel, for with the info that comes there is a deeper understanding that goes beyond mere words. That is why the channeled messages often mean different things to different people. They convey different images and understanding for some.


It is quite a thing to be receiving info and to not be able to convey it in a way that says what I am getting. That is why some of the information in this message may not be clear to some, may be confusing even. That is why I say now to discern and not pay too much attention to the words, but to open your inner knowing and receive your own understanding of this subject. There will come a day when we will not have to use mere words for a complete understanding of communication. Till then, we progress further and we push our limits till the limits no longer exist.


Hatonn: My dear, let us all take a moment and open our hearts to the new worlds that are being created at this moment. These new worlds afford us the ability to expand our conscious understandings, and with that we progress and expand in a forever-unlimited way.


We love you all, and we are continuously impressed by your progression. Take a moment and bring thanks into the equation, and watch the limits melt away.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate