Wakeup Call Message
October  06, 2005





My dear ones, all is well on the home front; the dishes are done and the floors swept. This is the beginning of the housecleaning that has been in line for many months. This is the beginning of the clean sweep that will proclaim your house to be ready for company.


I AM Hatonn, and we are the company that you are readying yourselves for. We are the long lost relatives who are coming for the reunion, and you are putting on your best bib and tucker and we’re supplying the gifts of gold and silver, to be served up with the crystal and china that will sport the feast of the century.


How do we fare with so many of you able to see us and feel us? We fare very well, for you have called us home. You have prepared for our coming and you are also preparing for your own awakening. Some of you will find that your world looks mighty different upon our coming, and some of you will feel the ring of familiarity when you look into our eyes.


This is a time for setting aside preconceived ideas of what is to come, and allow what comes to be what it is. When you do this, you allow the changes to fall as they may, and you welcome what comes as perfection. In this way, events and procedures that seemed to be coming in one moment will not be missed if they do not materialize due to events that change the flow of energy.


It is all going to come out in the end with the same result. What may change is the path in which it comes about. This is according to the moment in its expression, and all is appropriate in its course.


When I came to this one this day, I was disguised as a Shaman. I came in her dreamtime to offer this one an idea of something that she had experienced in another lifetime. This time in the experience she gave a different ending to it. She changed that event to one that fit this time cycle. She gave a different ending to what had at one time taken her life.


This is what so many of you are doing now. You are changing the outcome of other lifetimes by re-experiencing them in your dreamtime. You are changing the course of your history, and therefore rendering them different, in order to suit the times as they are today. This affects the streams of events that are in place today. This changes the manner in which some of the events of the day take place.


So, my dears, as you go through these next few weeks, allow the strange and unusual to be commonplace. Accept what comes and realize that all is in order. These are changing times and if you feel that you may be undergoing trauma in dreamtime that feels as if it is actually happening, realize that it is in another realm, and it is in purpose for this time.


As I pull away in this message I see an example for all of you. I leave you to your ways and means, for I recognize that you are operating in your own authority. On an inner level you are bringing to harmony that which is in imbalance in your field. You know what requires this shift, and you are doing a splendid job of the transformation.


As the events of the world unfold before your eyes, realize that the changing times and events match what you are undergoing in your own inner beingness. This is according to heaven and the pact that you have with all that is. It is grand, and it is glorious. And I am standing by for any input any of you ask for in the dreamtime.


We are all in this together, and family is what we are.


Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate


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