Wakeup Call Message
October  19, 2005


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My brothers and sisters of light, I welcome you to my light for we are one and share in the light of The Creator. We are the final ones of the new paradigm on earth and we come to this place through the long and arduous passage through time that has been carried forth on this planet and throughout the solar system.


I AM Adas of Sirius Star Fleet and I come this day to allow the passage of another day to inform you of the terms than are in agreement with the universe and with the solar sun. There is an agreement that is being utilized and with this utilization we will see an unfoldment of a travesty of justice that is to be the undoing of the present ruling elite on your planet.


With this travesty of justice will come an outpouring of public outrage so complete and so influential as to tear down the house of cards. There will be a cry of N-o-o-o heard throughout all of humanity and it will begin the death knell for all of the ruling elite and the ones with whom they have played their games for many centuries.


Rest assured that there will be a guidance that will come through for all of those who are in a position of power in this world, and that positioning will bring to bear all of the unjust practices that have been taking place for so many years. There will be a decided cessation to these practices and in their place will rise a new shining way of governance and a new system of societal living. This will serve to set a resonance for all of humanity to tune into for all of eternity.


I come this day and give you an example of what is to take place. There are those in prominent positions in the government on your globe that are enjoying the position of the most powerful government in existence. This government has of late began to lose that position, and in this way the disillusionment has opened many eyes to the actual truths that have been hidden.


This is causing a break in the lines of communication that serve these ones in power and as a result they are communing within their own group in a way that is contrary to harmony. They are turning one against the other and in so doing they are bringing about their own fall.


We are seeing the situation coming to a head and in this way we will be mindful of the news media and certain changes that will come about in that field. What is taking place is that with the breakdown in harmonic communication there is coming a loosening of the hold on the bodies of commerce and industry that are on the periphery and involved directly with the governing bodies.


We see that with these changes will come a new way of bringing the truth to the world. The people will be told things that they are not accustomed to hearing, and in that difference will lay much concern. With that concern will also come a great deal of demand for more truth and justice, and this will be tempered with the steadying influence of the lightworkers on the planet who have been preparing for this time.


We in the Sirian star fleet are also ready. Along with the other star fleets who are in place for this momentous event we are ever ready and are able to come with a moments notice and bring in the next step toward the integration of communication with the entire family from the cosmos. While in this position around your planet we are observing and stepping in where it is warranted. We are ready to land on earth’s surface at any moment and to begin the process of bringing our assistance in this time of great change on planet earth.


There is one thing that I wish to make perfectly clear in this transmission. It is that there is indeed nothing to fear concerning the use of nuclear arms on earth or within the stratosphere surrounding earth. With the technology that is present on earth, we have means by which the technological methods employed on earth are but childsplay compared to what we can meet theirs with. They cannot even get their toys to work, for we have totally disarmed and rendered useless any means by which they could rebuild and use their ‘formidable’ weapons once more.


I leave this transmission with the admonition to the ones who are playing with matches. There is only The Source that is carrying the torch of truth and those who uphold that truth are in its protection. As for those who hold that truth, as you go about your works of love and jubilation you do so with the full glory and Grace of The Source.


This is the time of great change and the absolution of karma as it is being played out in totality for all of mankind. You are living the grand absolution of the karmic expression of the whole of humanity, and there is but one outcome. That is to remain on earth and be in unity, or to leave the planet through whatever means and return in light, or forever be banned from the planet in the darkness that engulfs.


This is the ultimate answer to the ultimate choice of life. It is The Creator’s will in perfect balance. It is the I AM in perfect resonance. It is love in perfect expression.


Thank you dear Adas of the Sirian Star Fleet,

Love, Nancy Tate