Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 31, 2003

 Conversation with St. Germaine

  Nancy: It was interesting the feeling I had from SG this morning. It was one of seriousness and solidity, not the usual lightheartedness.

  QUESTION: Tell us more about this feeling

  Nancy: I'm not sure how to describe it; he seemed to be almost like he ...I can't find words; I shall ask.

  ST. Germaine: You my dear were tapping into a feeling of trust and knowing. It is a time of being in the now, with no diversions. It is an exercise for you of being able to tune in directly with the energy that is coming your way. Be sure to give the rest of the time to the melody of the message that comes to you. This is a time for the focus of energies without the diversion that distracts and disperses

  I do not mean to be so serious; it is a tactic I employed from the request of Avenda.

 You all are coming to a place in your lives when there will be a lightheartedness of ideas and thoughts. This will be the way of it. Now when you go to that place of knowing, it is with the seriousness that you are used to. This will change, and the knowing will come from the joy of truth

  I encourage you all to find that place from which the knowing springs that is a veritable joy house of knowledge. It packs much more power than the staid energy of seriousness

  Now with the seriousness you have tapped into that solidarity of knowing. Now transform that to joy, and you will soar.

  I invite questions for I feel them.

  QUESTION: Dear St. Germaine I have a question.

  SG: Yes?

  QUESTION: This is true what, and even pleasant and surprising and uplifting, but often there is no indication of how the psychological heaviness spread due to many handicaps in life can be seems at time a vicious cycle, of sorts.

  SG: It helps to sit back and look at the situation that feels so heavy. Look at it in a different way. See the humor in it; then approach it from that perspective. It is amazing what you can accomplish with this kind of reasoning. It releases the fear from it and renders it approachable and solvable

  QUESTION: Yes, I see the point here, but find at times difficult to separate myself from the situation that seems ugly and related to me.

  SG: Realize that the situation is brought by you to you to see something that you have as yet allowed to remain elusive.

  QUESTION: True, thank you dear SG for refreshing this with your wisdom.

  SG: Regard it as a playtime that you and your friends used to do as children. How did it all come out then? You just erased the bad stuff and brought in what you considered the ideal, because you didn't see that you couldn't. It was make believe and therefore yours to do with what you would. Try that with this illusory life that you have created.

  All that is happening is for Divine reason. It is for us all to trust and realize that the Divine order is the one that brings the perfection, for that is where the whole picture is seen and understood. We see the potentials that you all create and we operate within that realm of probability. Do you see how you all contribute to this?

  QUESTION: Yes, but I also have to say this humbly that there is no doubt that all this has contributed in a positive manner to channel energies for the good of all But at certain levels when people started believing and focused just on the benefits that NESARA will bring through PAG, PAO, Fourwinds, and other Dove reports; and every time there is new reasons some are asking this Questions That if Ascendant Masters and White Knights and the forces were together why certain blockages could not be removed and/ OR why perhaps we who proceeded ahead with all this our good failed in telling that this is mainly for a psychological shift in our thinking from materialists and to unite all to spiritual directions.

  SG: Now it is time to go within and ask what NESARA means to you. How does it interpret in your lives? How are you living your present moment to bring this into your reality. Are you going to continue to allow a small group of people once again to do this for you in the physical, or are you going to see the picture of how it works in your life, and focus on that to bring it into manifestation?

  To make something real in the dimension in which you live, first you must see it as being there already, and to live it's promise.

  To allow the adversity to rule your life, is to give in to the 3rd dimensional reality that keeps you stuck there. I realize that this is so familiar, yet there is a silver lining to the cloud that seems to hang now.

  QUESTION: You mean to say that each one of us can manifest something like Nesara conditions by ourselves?

  SG: That is that you are able to see what it is that is pervading your world, for it is not blocked out by the sun, and you can see it for what it is, the shadow that keeps you under the cloud. When you see this, then you can part the cloud with YOUR light and away slips the cloud to expose the truth of who you are and what you are capable of.

  Yes, yes, yes! You are manifesting it. Now bring it into your reality; not by sending postcards and handing out flyers, though that contributes to it. After you've done that, go out into your world and see it to be exactly as you intend it to be. If you desire to have more money, announce to yourself that you have it already in gratitude. Then be aware of where it is and accept it.

  Listen to all the ways that your energy whispers to you to find and claim it. The gifts are all lined up waiting for you all to reach out and grab them.

  Create your world in the vision of NESARA and watch it materialize before you. Try it on a small scale if you like, such as wanting a helper in some work you do. Announce to the universe that is what you intend, and then accept in gratitude and JOY that it is there for your discovery.

  QUESTION: I see that in many towns and homes there is extreme poverty beyond description. In India dozens of farmers are committing suicide and they have nothing with them and yet there are people in command who are not yet controlled by White Knights and others. Why?

  Spiritual forces can always overwhelm a group of those even with cannons and arms. We know why then Spiritual people advanced have not used their hidden powers for the sake of humanity?

  SG: This is societal resolution of karma. There is no judgment in this. This is choice that is being taken. This is karma that is being resolved so that the earth and her people can rise to the next stage. These dear souls shall return, and they shall be enveloped in gold light for all to see. This is a Divine Gift that is being given by these beautiful souls. See that as the beautiful sacred gift.

  QUESTION: I don't understand your context here dear SG

  SG: To understand this is to take it to the next realm and see the whole picture. This is the illusory part of the program. There is much to do in the next realm, and so many of you are standing in line to play the parts that are necessary for the completion of this energy. Every time a group of you transcends the 3D reality in your actions, you bring a bit more of your reality into the 5th. This is the process by which this will be accomplished.

  You are in training now for this next resolution of transcendence. Keeping yourself stuck in the energy of the illusion will only serve to keep you there. Rise above the 3rd and see the reality of the event that you strive for.

  See that it represents something that goes beyond the 3rd, and then you will see how your work must be in the 4th & 5th for it to come into the 3rd.

  SG: Then you will be assisting to transcend the 3rd and bring it into the 4th & 5th. This is the circle that creates.

  QUESTION: SG, am I interpreting what you are saying is that NESARA will not be announced as a 3D happening and will only be announced as a 5D happening after the shift of the ages?

  I am saying that to manifest it into the 3rd is to see that the work must be done in the 4th-5th and filter down into the 3rd. It is as a great blanket of energy that sprinkles down over the whole process and enlivens it with the energy of creation. How does God create? By infusing His energy into the thought and intent of the situation

  You are the creators more and more now, and this is your time of bringing that knowingness to the surface and using it. What better pawn than to train with NESARA?

  B: Thank you beloved St Germaine for this food for thought.

  A: Thank you dear Rev St. Germaine

  SG: You are most welcome. May I suggest that when you think of NESARA, say that it is so wonderful to be living what NESARA is bringing you. This is the energy that creates. This is the energy that supplants the doubt and questioning that stops the flow. What do you have to lose in saying this and playing at the game?