Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 30, 2003



            My loving ones; I am St. Germaine, and I come to tell you of the energy of change that is taking place with NESARA. This is a change that is taking place within the portals of time surrounding the attitude of the people that are connected with NESARA. That number is growing at a rapid rate, and this is the momentum that has been needed to bring the announcement to the window that is in effect at this time.

            What I AM asking you all to do now is to concentrate of all the aspects of NESARA and what they will mean to you in the coming times. I further ask you to come to the understanding that this is already in your lives, and see that the White Knights have been able to bring this transition from duplicity of law, to announcement. I further ask that you all receive this gift with the degree of gratitude that springs from your heart in the knowing that it is in your life and working to establish a base from which you can find the authority within yourselves to come to the process of clearing out the cobwebs that before clouded your understanding of who you are.

            I love the ways in which you have worked thus far for the cause that is even now changing the face of life in this world. This is not a fly by night event, but an earth changing occurrence that is taking us all into the new Golden Age. When the Harmonic Concordance takes place in a few days, you will find that you are lead to participate in your own distinct way. Honor this and follow through on whatever path this takes you, for it is designed by Heaven and you in the energy of propelling the events of ascension into the energy of the heavenly accord of the Angels and the Masters.

            Yes, this is the way in which you will achieve the ascension. By following the path that is presented to you by you in the name of Heaven. This is the part of NESARA that is going to find you all at Heavens door, and ready to pass through. When NESARA comes into your lives full force, as you will visualize, it will be the mainstay that brings you all to the destiny that you have created for yourselves. This is the promised hour of retribution that you bring to your selves and there will be a finest hour in which you will find yourselves caught in the whirlwind of opportunity and prosperity for All and The One.

            My dear ones, I AM going to bring to you an example of how this is all being accomplished at this time. There has been little word out about the goings on with the White Knights and the world Court of late, and I wish to tell you that there is a series of events that are taking place that are combining the energetic releases from the cosmos, and the energetic environments of earth that are working hand in hand to combine the two and give the resulting effects all the attention that is necessary for this to come forward. The events that are taking place are of a nature that words are at this time not able to convey. I just ask that you all find the feelings that you receive from your inner looking and know that you are tuned in to the interaction that is taking place; and your energies of visualization for life post NESARA are assisting to create the manifestation of that very life.

            I leave you now with an invitation to give free reign to your visualizations. That is where the power is, and there is unlimited ability to do just that. You are the Angels and the Masters that are bringing this to your lives, find the impetus to accelerate that movement, and you shall live in the wonder of it forever.

            Good day, my friends, and God Bless all of you.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate