Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 28, 2003



            Good morning all my friends! It is a fine morning, and a grand one in which to plot the future for your self and humanity. Letís take a minute, shall we, and see what is in store for the family of man. I AM St. Germaine, and I wish to lead you on a trip through the galaxy, and on down to earth in the year 2008.

            We are coming into the atmosphere of earth, and we are positioned in the stratus of the sun and the moons. There is a fine mist that is streaming past our windshield, and that mist on closer look, is a mist of dust much resembling gold. It is a stellar dust that combines with the atmospheric pressures and creates its own reality in relation to us. It is serving the purpose of giving us a distance reality in relation to the particles of matter surrounding us.

            Now we are almost at the landing point. We ease into the hangar, and we gather our things to disembark from the craft. It is New Orleans, and we are here to join in the festivities that are about to take place. The costumes are incredibly realistic this year, and the parade is ready for the roll down through the city. People are hanging out of their windows, and shouting beautiful cheers to the parade as it floats past their windows. There are processions of fairies in their chariots of gold. There are cars gliding along, a foot off the ground adorned with the masters of old, and of present day. The elephants and the tigers stride along with their finest regalia, and the children pose in moments of finery all bedecked in the spun gossamer clothes that imitate the Lords and the lassies of medieval days.

            We shift to the eateries that line the procession. There we find the best in delights for the palate, and they represent the finest tastes of the meats and vegetables, fruits, grains, and sugars that ever were. These are all produced with the light that creates, and are infiltrated with the purity of spirit in just the perfect balance to achieve and hold the physical balance of the body. They are presented with the appetite appeal that holds no bars, and the appeasement is only surpassed by the nutritional value.

            Now we are invited into the home of our host for the occasion. This home is entirely lit with the natural light from the occasional lamp of light that is created from the natural light of the universe. This is a clean, efficient way to produce power, and every home and institution has this for the good of the planet and of the inhabitants. This is a life giving light, and the self-perpetuation is constant.

            The home itself is roomy, and is decorated throughout with plants of all variety. These are plants that harmonize with the environment and the people who live here. There is a place in the garden outside that supports the nursery where new seedlings are produced. This is a constant way of regeneration for the ingredients that make up the food that is consumed. The kitchen is a room that is ordered and comfortable, in the energy of reproduction and harmony in every way. It is a family event to share a meal, and it is also a sharing in preparation, for it is intent that is used to gather the ingredients and see the results happen before their eyes. This is a matter of choice, to assemble and intend the ingredients to coalesce and bring forth the finished meal, for it is the closeness of the family interaction that is the focus. This is a time of interaction that is the mainstay of the family, and the members come to the table with the fervor of communication that supports the Divinity of them all.

            As we move through the home, we see all the comfort and ease with which energy is able to flow. The details we leave up to your imaginations, for there is great diversity of design. Great gatherings of people are comfortable here, as are intimate gatherings of two or three. Felines and canines are present and interact with a steady communication that contributes greatly to the family focus. They are able to come and go, and be self-sufficient as are the people.

            Mail service is talked about as a relic of the past. There are no longer post offices, for there is no need. There is instant telecommunication, and there is the further evolvement of the computer, with them being living matter themselves. They are programmed to harmonize with the people and other life, and the communication is inspired with the light force. All of the communication and power sources receive their energy from the Light, therefore are fail-safe.

            The governments are self-regulating, and the people enjoy a steady flow of communication with them. This is a system of interactive government, and therefore they are not based on hierarchy, but on appointed bodies of leadership that is based in equality. Everyone has a voice in this, even the children. This is a smooth operating system that is solely operated in the energy of spirit.

            Commerce, education, the arts, etc, as aspects of earth life have been elevated to a harmonious mix of inter-dimensional achievement and ability. There is a union of many aspects of these, and one works with the other to form an integrated way of living that takes itself to the infinity of being. There is no separation in this earth life now, and each person, being, expresses in the way of their choosing, bringing an interesting and stimulating diversity to life on the planet.

            This is the world as I AM seeing it now. I see the life on earth in this way, for the potential for it is very strong. When this new way of being comes into the manifestation and reality of all of you, you will be able to see how the life you have been living has lead up to this, and given you a basis by which to see the difference between a matter life based on scarcity and limit, to a life that flows through the galaxy and into the All That Is.

            I will see you there, and I will be with you on the journey there. We are a whole, a unit, and we are unstoppable. We come to this potential, and see the unlimitedness. We feel the energy of change, and tap into its potential. We are invincible, and the world is ours. Come fly with me, and bears the fruits of our labor together, and in the perfect stream of infinity.

            I bid you good day, and welcome to the future.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate