Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 24 2003



            Good morning my dear ones, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to say this day that there is a stream of light that is coming from all of you and finding itís place among the stars and among the people of the earth. This stream of light is one that is everywhere at the same time, and do you know what? It is the same as the one that is streaming in to all of you from the heavens as those in the heavens cast their glow to earth.

            Do you see how you are so united with your earth family? This is the relevance that I speak of so often in the meetings that we have in the various bodies in heaven, and the buildings of congregation of earth. This is the power with which we shall get this done, and that finds the way to be of immense value to the people of Earth and of the cosmos.

            When I took my seat in the proceedings to bring this time into focus with all of the star nations, I did so with the authority vested in not only my own beingness, but within the authority of the heavens. This was to be the completion of the mission I set for myself long ago. Now I find that it is but the beginning, for there is no end to matters of Spirit and there is no beginning, but to see the beginning as the NOW.

            I would like to remind you all of one thing. That is that there is no greater glory than to see the manifestation of that which has been in process for a time. To see the results of the years of planning and the years of preparation come into being as this event is, is to know that the heaven and the earth are indeed One. This is the wonder of the power of the universal truth. This is the power of knowing that though the illusion serves humanity, it is the energy of the power to create that is the wonder of wonders.

            You have that power, my friends. You have the ability to bring into manifestation that which we as a whole see for this world. We have the power together to bring the fruits of our labors to the door of heaven and see it slide through on its own energy. We are the birthing vehicles, and the newborn is NESARA. This is the time of the great assimilation of what NESARA stands for, and we will bring to the task all that we have learned, and all that NESARA will teach us.

            You know, all of you, that this is not only a reformation, but a vehicle for change on many levels. Questions have come asking if you are ready for this. Have you asked, and have you found that this is speeding up your readiness? Are you coming to a state of preparedness, where you will utilize this new law and mold it to a useful tool for your transformation?

            NESARA holds much promise for this. You are not only bringing in a change for the societal issues, but for your inner visions and purpose as well. This is a start for the transformative expressions that your soul is directing. This is the opportunity to blossom in the Light of the ALL. I see that you are ready for this next phase of transformation, and some will speed on ahead to their mission with this, and some will take their place in the position that takes care of the issues that lag behind. All is of equal value, for where would the world be if there were not those who monitored the ones who speed on ahead? This is a process to the eventual stewardship that will find that the process is constant in its perfection of the moment. This is the ever-changing perfection that is spoken of so often. All is perfection, and perfection is always changing.

            I see a green and purple haze lifting and revealing a sight that shines in its simplicity. It is a mountain of glass that has survived the heat of transmutation. It is the mountain of loving splendor that amasses the purposed missions of all of you. The ability to see the results are written into every facet of this mountain. Look into the mountain and see your perfection of purpose. See the mission you have written into the mountain, and see how perfectly it fits into the prism. You are creators, and you are the deliverers of the glue that keeps it all together. Go now and carry on your missions in the light of the Fire of the Christ, for you are born again and you are the mountain of Love and Light that glows and tells us all of your Love.

            Good day, and blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate