Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 22, 2003



            It is a morning to remember, for all of you will be coming into the light of day with a new feeling of richness and viability of the events of the world. There will be a continuation of the affairs at hand, but you will have each been visited by a celestial being during your sleep, and given a new release that will make the affairs of the day seem as nothing but an amusing afterthought to the reality in which you are spending these last days in the old energy of lack and submission to the ones who consider themselves in power in this world.

            Good day, I AM St. Germaine, and I AM finding the time this day to give you all a report on the findings that are gathered in the early hours. These findings come from the studies that have been conducted through the efforts of the ones on earth who came here from their Mastery and filled certain positions around the globe in order to more fully indoctrinate the aspects of ascension with some of the ones on earth. This was done in the interest of preparation of these ones for the coming times of freedom from the old constraints of lower vibrational frequency of being.

            These findings have taken the aspects of these ones and shown them how in the past they have come to the next lifetime with the same energies of resistance, and carried them on with renewed dedication. They have been shown, and are in some cases still being shown, the ways in which they have impeded their advancement to the level that prepares them for their ascension. This for the most part has been accomplished, and is continuing as I speak.

            This, my friends, is one of the reasons that these Masters came here and embodied in this lifetime, another is that they themselves decided to become as much an ascended master as any of the others who are here on earth at this time. This is represented in the fact that they achieved their mastery in the ascent that included a few times in another galaxy, and now they decided to include this last time in this energy so that they may more fully integrate this energy into their beingness. This is one of the gifts that they give to themselves, and therefore give to you.

            My dear ones, this is a time of great change, and because of all the delays in the announcement process of NESARA I will tell you there is coming a decided stepping up of the other activities that will be taking place after the announcement. Whereas before, when the expectation was that NESARA would have been announced by now, the plan was to bring to the world the other news of the family of the cosmos at some time after. That time is very close at hand, my dear ones, and that will come at a time when the world will be ripe for the energy of acceptance and understanding. This is a time of integration energies, and because the door will be open in the cosmos, there will be a going through it to the other side, and there will be a grand showing.

            I ask that all of you who are aware of this other part of the family be ready to come to the comfort and informative energies for those who are less prepared than you for this news. This will have great influence on how well the transformative energies infiltrate all of you. Just a calm knowing word, and a kind heart will suffice for many. This is an inherent ability that you have to know what is appropriate at the time, and you are in a position to be there for those who will seek your assistance in understanding what is happening.

            There are those as well with whom you will rejoice and dance in the streets, for you have long been awaiting this coming news. You have known, in some cases, for more than one lifetime that this time will be coming. You have come back to be here when the celebration begins, and you have vowed to stay through the initial festivities. For those, we find that the sacred gift has been to give of yourselves to those who are just waking, and for this we bless you. We bless all of you, for the roles that you even now play, for it is all Divinely inspired.

            I further wish to say that there will be much work that will be coming in the next several months and even into the next few years, to bring this world up to the standards that for all of you will be commonplace once the issues at hand are transformed and made to run in the divine smoothness that is destined for this great family of man. We will all be here walking among you and holding your hands when you ask. For your work will be a challenge at times. Those times will be met with a new vigor that will reflect the dedication that you all have to bring this great galactic society into the mainstream, and on out into the galaxy.

            I leave now and go about the day’s activities, as will you. This is a day of sharing. This is a day in which you may find yourselves tuning in to a feeling that is propagated by one of us as a greeting to remind you of the closeness of this event. We are as pleased with the energy of expectancy as you are, and we know that it is just around the next bend; and now you know. Be ready my dear ones, and wave that flag of truth and love.

            Master Sananda Kumara joins me in Salu, and blessings for a day of Light and Love.


Thank you dear Masters St. Germaine and Sananda Kumara,

Nancy Tate