Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 20, 2003



            When you wake up in the morning and you get up out of   bed,

 And you think of dreams you’re dreaming and you go to work instead

 Of staying in the moment and seeing what you see

You find the angels waiting to share a cup of tea

And when they sing their greetings and feel the love within

They do so with out warning and give you all a grin


So if you find that some day you rise and say no more

I’m going to find the sunshine and not walk out that door

To go into the workday and sing my song of woe,

Then you’ll accomplish light dreams and flourish in the snow

Of wondrous wonder always and funny dreams of love,

And fairies tripping lightly amongst the morning dove.


You’ll know you’re doing God’s work whenever you delay

And see the fairy kindness in every single day.

So go my friends about work and see the love that lives

In every moment there is and all the love you give

In all that you encounter and all the seeming dark

The places that encumber and make you say, alark,


I think there’s something out there that needs to have my care

For I am feeling lovely and want to go o’er there

To feel the God within them and shine a light their way

So they may see my coming and have a better day

For tuning in to my love and recognizing then

That they have that same loving that they feel deep within


Then they can go a loving through each and every song

Of love and peace and shining and all that goes along

With finding peace in themselves and knowing that they’re free

Of all the bounds that they put upon their wounded knee.

I tell you friends that this is the winding down of fear,

For when the new days dawns soon there’ll be a better way


To carry out the laughter and carry forth the glee

That winds around the knowledge that we are all set free

From bounds that we are stringing through all the strands of time,

And we shall set them loose then and wander through the town

Of glorious symphony then and fellowship in tune,

With all the bells of Christmas and all the promise of June


When we shall gather inward and share a song or two

That tells of wondrous dewdrops upon the leather shoe

That brings the children hither and sings their songs of praise

To all the glorious birdsong that lives for all the days.

For the shoe is filled up with all the sparkling ones who give 

Up to the laughter and come back home to you.


You’ll sing the song along with them and know that home is near

Where the shoe will fill with bright love and tears will shed no more.

I give this over to you to carry through the day,

And find the love that lives there and give it all away.

For I AM glory to you and you are that, the same

That gives it all the wonder and finds it all in play.


I AM the one who sings the songs of praise and fellowship for all who travel in the aspects of time. I AM the power and the love. I AM the glory that is you. And I AM the violet flame of transmutation. I give my self over to the cause of Light and Love that abounds through all eternity. I AM the light and the love of the Trinity, and I AM ALL of YOU.

I go now on the wings of a Dove and I give all my love and forbearance to the cause that comes through the sands of time. I AM St. Germaine, and I bid you good day.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate