Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 17, 2003



            Hello my special friends, and how are you this fine morning? I am St. Germaine, and I wish to tell you that your efforts of last night have given his Holiness the reserve to continue on his journey to the purpose of his time on this earth. He is giving the matter at hand his attention, and he is going to make an announcement from his chambers in the very near future. This is going to stir the world into a likeness of the very essence that this Holy man represents. This will be his parting gift to the world, and he is gaining in strength every moment for this occasion.

            I would also like to tell you of another upcoming event that will take place in the ethers in the very near future. This is the coming forth of all the angels on earth into the cosmic oneness that is already a part of your beingness. This will then be carried over into the physicality and will remain so until the choice is made to change that state of being. This is a choice you will all make, and some may make it in an instant, some may make it after careful consideration, some may make it with the burden of choice that is represented in the immaturity of knowing that is prevalent at the time. Regardless, the change will take place, and the choices will be made.

            Now, I shall speak on to another subject for a moment. There are some of you who are in dire need right now, for the mundane issues of life are pressing in upon you. This is soon to be alleviated and taken care of in a Divinely physical manner. Till then hold your light and your authority in these issues, and see them as being resolved in the manner of your choice. This is imperative, and I will tell you why. When you give in to anotherís choices for you, you give in to their powers and give yours away. It is one thing to make a decision based on your choices for your integrity, and it is another to make a choice of action based on fear of reprisal from another. This is the fine line, my friends, between being your own best authority, or giving it over to another. The same action can be seen and interpreted in both of those ways. It is what is in your hearts and intent of action that determines the energy in which the issue is resolved. You see, my friends, this is a matter of mind over matter. It is a way of keeping your integrity in balance, and knowing that it is your choice. Feel the power in these words, even as you read them. Know that this is your power, and you can keep it to yourself, and allow it to reign throughout eternity.

            I shall take my leave from this communication now, and I shall see you on the bridge, commander. Tally ho, and onward!


Thank you dear Master St.Germaine,

Nancy Tate