Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 13, 2003



            Good morning all of you out there who are tuned in to the work that is of the utmost importance at this moment. I assure you that all of the Lighted realm are standing by with the word to come to the assistance of the White Knights, and this is why I call to you now. I am St. Germaine, and I come to you with a request.

            When you awoke this day, it was to the news that this great world in which you live, are infiltrated with scores of ones who would seek to keep the earth controlled by their energies and forever supplicant to their ways. This, my friends, is the energy that is on its way out. This is coming to a speedy halt, and the Light of the multi-score ones who are sitting in their divinity are being aroused to the summons for action on this day.

            We of the lighted realms call you on earth who also are members of these lighted realms, and you know who you are, to rise and shine your light into the hearts and souls of all who are working to bring this announcement to the public. This will forever change the destiny of the ones who are in a position of power that is self-deprecating and leads to their own demise. It is up to you to bring your powers of Divinity to the front, and assuage the benefits of NESARA NOW.

            I suggest a plan of action that encourages full use of your abilities to bring the powers that be to their knees, and allow the light of their own beingness to join with that of all those who walk in the light of the most Holy. I suggest that you all gather your resources of lighted power and beam the couriers of that light into every corner and crevasse that is covered in the shadows of the ones who hide their true identity from the masses. This is the avenue of use that you can take in order to allow the white Knights to carry out their proceedings in a most expeditious manner and bring NESARA to the world.

            In doing so, you will send this light to every particle of the White Knights that you can, and assure yourselves and the world that the Christed energy of transmutation and love is permeating every nuance of this process of announcement. You are the light bearers of the great planet earth, and with your strength and love you will give the needed protection to the process of announcement and shine your light so that they may see the way as they go along. This will as well, provide a shield that will turn away the antics of the others and render them unable to carry out their shenanigans.

            You are the beacons of this planet, and in your efforts you are joined by all those who awaken and hear your call to action. This is the time in your lives that you have been waiting for. It is NOW! It is Now! You are here and you are shining bright! Use your powers of discernment and might to thwart the sword of fear and destruction and flourish your swords of light and love to clear the energy, and make it pure.

            Blessings to you all! Be ready, for the flame of truth and justice burns bright this day.     


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate