Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 10 2003



            Tis a grand day in the morning, and the sun is shining bright. The birds are in the meadows, and the clouds are out of sight. Good morning my friends, and I am here to say that it is a wonderful day to roust out the celebration, for the time is nigh for an announcement of glad tidings and the changes that will free all people from the bonds of the old energy.

            I am St. Germaine, and I wish to say that there is no greater joy than to have experienced the kinds of transformations that took place within those venerable halls of justice in the past few days. It was as a terrible snake winding along the ground that suddenly stopped and started to wind itself around the truth and justice idea and sing itís song of freedom for all of the land. It was the trembling reality that came around to the table and caught the attention of the serpentine energy and transmuted it to the loving, and submission to the light that lived within.

            When this happened in front of our eyes, it was as when Bathsheba came upon the serpent and bent down to pick it from its lair. The serpent struck and there was nothing there but air. It struck again, and then the air it struck turned into a flame of violet and gold. The third time it struck, it was in its ecstasy, and the venom had turned to the manna that revitalizes and transforms the venom to liquid, life giving gold. This was the miracle that we experienced in those chambers and halls of justice and life for all that is pure and Holy.

            I would like to give you an idea of the enormity of this experience. It was as if a great maelstrom of violence came into the midst of a cloud of white and gold, tipped with violet. This was the veracity with which these ones came to a gentling and a sobering submission. There was the light of God in every corner of the room. There came a mighty roar and all of the surpluses of fear and all that can come from it, was released and dissipated in the nuances of the flutter of angel wings. This was an enormous vision that floated before our eyes and then the ones who had been released danced about in a ceremonial moment before falling to their knees and crying like newly born babes. They were then lifted by the light of the Christ and rendered healed by their own hand. This was the power of the Christ light, to give one over to the love that lives within oneself and be his own sweet angel.

            Miracles are but ordinary occurrences that to some are extraordinary events. This is the sum of it, my dear ones, and I am telling you that there will not be a dry eye for many days to come when the retelling of it is brought about. I am feeling the familiar wonderful ache of love and compassion for the human condition and all that brings. I have seen the hand of God come down and release the fear with the Holy Presence, and it is grand, my friends, it is grand.

            I choose to allow these ones to remain anonymous, for this was a truly personal experience, and is to be known that all in existence have felt this in one way or another. Because of the oneness I shall say to you all that mankind and the family of man has experienced the mighty sword of love that came and cleared away the fear that clouded so many hearts and souls. It came at the bidding of all of mankind, and the gifting was obvious and noticed. The light permeated all of the beings in that hall, and the results are beautiful and live within the hearts of all who were there.

            I wish to thank each and every one of you, and to say that with so many angels floating around in human clothing, there is to be a mighty influx of miracles very, very soon. I shower blessings all around you and I allow the tears of joy to cleanse my face of the residue of a work well done.

            It is done! It is done!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate