Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 08, 2003



When I get up in the morning,

And I go down to my room,

I find a cup of coffee,

And an angel in the gloom.

I press myself on forward,

And I sing a song or two.

And the thought of going into

The clouds purvey the room.

Then I survey that wonder

Of the ever changing face

Of glory in the highest

And I experience grace.


            Good morning, my dear ones! Have you had as fine a night as I? There is a curtain of joy and celebration that intermingles with the clouds this day. And when you go out among the people in your daily administrations, I suggest that you tune in to the changes that have come overnight, and be joyful.

            There is coming a large armada of ships to the land of the free and the whole globe soon. This will be the carrying out of the call that rang out clear and loud from the hearts of so many of you human angels last night. There was a real circle of light that stretched completely over the globe and deep within and far awide last night. This is the power of all of you. This is the miracle that took place last night, and we are singing your praises on high and shouting our remembrances of when you all did this before.

            Yes, this is a repeat of the chorus that you all sounded when you decided to take this trip through free will. This was the plan, and you are seeing this come to its spectacular finish. This is the beginning of the bright and bold new golden age and you are ringing it in, in fine splendor.

            When we first began to sense your presence in a new way, we knew that this was the renewal of your knowing of who you are. The sight was a jewel in the midst of a sea of gray stones. You brought to this phase of the plan the spark that ignited the release of the old for evermore. This is a brand new day, and you have created the miracle that resounds throughout the heavens and resonates back to you. We all here in the heavens stand in applause and salute to you for it is a sight to be seen and heard and felt, forevermore.

            Your intent has caused the white, gold and violet flame of transmutation to be permanently etched in the hearts and memories of All There Is. It is done; it is done! I Master St. Germaine do kiss your feet, with Kryon, Sananda, and all of the Galactic Federation. Good day, for now.


Thank you dear Masters of the Violet flame and All There Is,

Nancy Tate