Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 02, 2003



            Good morning one and all. I am St.Germaine, and I would like to let you in on a little secret. There are no mistakes in this world. How profound, you say! This is not a secret! Well, my friends, this is a time for things to come out of the closet, and be heard and felt by any who have been holding on to the old way of being.

            In the days past there have been a few developments that have started to turn some peopleís lives around. These are requisitions of the heart and of the mind, and they are serving to clear out the old energies of promise that no longer have relevancy to the present time. These were promises that some made to themselves and that no longer will serve if recognized and implemented. When this sort of thing happens there is bound to be some soul searching that takes place.

            I would like you all to realize that this is a healthy practice and one that can stand a lot more employment. What if each of you goes to your closet of unrealized dreams and promises and takes them out for inspection? What would you find? Would they still fit, or would you have to take up a hem here, or let a seam out there? Would the tucks that you put in a year ago, have to be let out now?

            This is a time of letting go of old thoughts. This is a time of feeling the innermost ideas as they manifest in your mind. How do they feel, and why do you have those thoughts? When I was a mere lad in the day of my life in the Scottish highlands, I used to wander up to the moors and sit lazily admiring the view from the highest point I could find. This was a wonderful way to gain a new perspective on my life at the time. I found that when I aspired to a higher place, I was able to attain a higher point of view and capture the innocence of that new aspiration.

            This you can do to, my friends. You can climb to the heights of your pleasures in life and leave all the unused parts of your old dreams behind, unless they tug at your sleeves and whisper, ďWait, I have something more for you. Incorporate me into your new dreams, for Iím divinely inspired.Ē


I will come again into your dreams

And I will steal into your days,

Like a rabbit in flight from the fox.

I will throw over the fence the best part of me,

Then scramble the rest in the air.

I will sit at your side in the rest that you take,

And Iíll know who you are by the sight

Of the wondrous clouds that wave overhead

And reflect in your eyes as you cry.

For there is no wonder that change must come now,

And gather your dreams to your side,

For when the time comes to reconnoiter them

Youíll whisper Iím glad that youíre here.

Iíve missed you my friend,

So come back a gain

And brighten my door for a while

Iíll woo you and wonder

Why I did not slumber

And invite you back to my smile.

Then youíll sit up straight and make a new date

To rise and be counted again.

Thereíll be smiles and rushes

Of unrealized bushes

And then youíll know heaven again.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate