Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 16, 2003



            It is my undying pleasure to welcome you to the energies of the Almighty Warrior of Peace, St Francis of Assisi. I am going to do a brief introduction to his work at this time, and then I will give the floor over to him. I AM St. Germaine, and I AM pleased to announce that there is going to be a renewal of all the life force of everyone on this planet in the coming times of change and reunion of the family of the earth.

            St. Francis is in charge of the reuniting of the earth and her many offspring. This includes all of you, and the animal, mineral and plant kingdom as well. He is to be the co-coordinator of this realm of life on planet earth. This is to come about in the days, weeks and months to come, and will be substantiated by the many folks who are standing by ready to play their hands in the renewal of the triad of unitedness. I now give to you the energies of St. Francis of Assisi.


Hello, my fellow earth beings. I AM long in coming to you in this way, for it has been a journey that has been in the works for time immemorial. When I agreed to step into this role it was with great mastery and dedication that was needed for the work. I have dedicated my time since being on the earth to the principleship of this cause. When I came to this land, I did so with the express purpose of spending the numbers of lifetimes here that would afford me the knowledge necessary to become a part of the purpose that I serve now. I realized that this was essential to the work I start at this time, for there is no knowing except for the participation of the experience.

            I now stand ready to bring into balance, with your co-operation, the triad of life on this planet. I will work with you in the capacity of reverence and honor for the unification of the life force of the planet and her offspring. Yes, my dear ones; you are all offspring of this great Mother Gaia, and her partner the Creator of man. You bring to this experience the purpose of this plan, which is to become the very epitome of the experiment that was put into place those many millennia ago.

            I stand ready now to pick up the parts of the work that have thus far been set in place, and assemble them, along with you. You will find that in this doing you will discover more and more the unitedness of all aspects on this earth. You will find that without the energy of the healthy vegetative environment, there can be no complete representation of the mineral, or the animal. You will find that the intermeshing of all the aspects of life on this earth brings the perfect balance in which you will create a galactic society that not only serves the ones of planet earth, but of the rest of the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe, and All of Existence.

            You will find the oneness that is represented in all of these aspects of existence; and you will further learn of the aspects of the dimensionality of existence. There will be more complete understanding of the capabilities of the mind and the heart in co-operation with the All That Is. There is no end to the things you will be learning in the times to come. These are things that you have known and retain the knowledge of, as well as things that will be new to you in the sharing of the All That Is since you have been in this experience on earth.

            You have created anew, in this experience. Some of this has reverberated throughout “space”, and comes back to you now in the guise of something new. You will find that there is a familiar ring to it as it seats itself into your consciousness, for it has found its birthplace once more. You will find that the time to bring it forward into use is now, and that the purpose for its existence is to employ it into the galactic society that you create now.

            I AM here to assist you to that. My guidance will be determined by your intent for that guidance. There will always be the interaction between us that is natural to a galactic society. My role in your lives will be as fellow traveler between the realms of understanding, and relevance of one to another of the aspects of this earth life. We are the flowers and the trees. We are the crystals and the stones of might. We are the rivers flowing into the oceans. We are the small animals that nurture the grounds that encompass Mother Earth. We are the rabbits and the hounds. We are the eagles that soar with the hummingbirds. We are the grasses that whisper to the dew in the early morning sun. We are the inquisitive children who squat and delight at the awesome beauty of the butterfly in its flight. We must honor all aspects of that life that we are, and we must be the guardians of all life on planet earth. In that way, she will be every bit the guardian of us as we co-mingle with All That Is in her love and compassion.

            I shall be with you; I AM with you, every moment of your life, and any time you desire to call on me, I AM there. A whisper of a prayer, a call of a thought, a melody of a song of joy; I AM here to sing along with you, to create, to think into being a Divine intent for this wonderful Mother Earth.

            I AM St. Francis, and I welcome you home to yourselves.


Thank you dear St. Francis of Assisi,

Nancy Tate