Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 23, 2003



            There are a trillion reasons why there will be a trillion stars in the sky tomorrow; and that trillion will be reflected in the minds and hearts of all who walk on planet earth tomorrow. Good morning, I AM Sananda, and I welcome you to the galaxy of stars that shine outside your windows at night, and within your soul by day. I welcome you to the multitudes of sounds that come into your being as these stars speak to you, and tell you of their love.

            When you were young, you used to go outside at night after all others in your household had gone to sleep. You stared up and the bright lights in the heavens and you imagined yourselves there, riding on one of the points of light. You gave yourself to the image and you felt the wonder of the fullness of the sky.

            This is what you can do now, and tune in to the fullness you now feel. It will take you back to a time of sweet innocence, and it will help to heal that longing for release that you know will set you free. You will find that the times between the travails of life, and the magic of dreams will become a degree of nothing, and all will be beautiful and full of miracles.

            I once had a dream as I lived in the town of Bethlehem about a soldier who came to me and imparted his story of the battle that saved his life. He told me of the giant who came to his side and diverted the bullet that surely would have taken him from the soils of battle to the halls of heaven. Spoken in those terms, I wondered why he considered the better of the two that he stayed. Now I realize, it is because he could stay and have both, and more of it. He could stay and run around heaven all night and walk the soils of the earth by day, giving his soul a stretching experience that he would be able to share with the other angels who walked among the stars at night.

            I tell you this, my friends. There is no greater time than right now to find the magic in life. This is the playground upon which lies the promise for the future. When you lie in your bed at night and whisper to the stars of your coming, do so with a fervent prayer that there be many angels with whom you can plan the next dayís activities and while away the time in play and enjoyment of the creation that you have brought to your experience.

            Today we see the effects of the playtime in action. We see the trillions of stars playing out their song in the actions of all of you on earth. We see the crescendo as it reverberates around the globe, and we love the sight of it. It is music to our ears as well as to our hearts, for it is the universal language of love that knows no barriers. It is the language that welcomes every being to its knowingness, whether they live in the darkness or the light. This is a place that sees no difference, and the lights in the sky represent ALL who walk on this great earth.

            I see you all now as you go through your daily administrations, and I wonder at the awe of it. Why is it so appealing to me to be able to see the wars that take place and the heads bowed in reverence of the beauty that is everywhere on this planet? It is because it all has that ring of truth that bespeaks the life of the heavens. It is the knowledge that what is being seen, is but a projection of the ideas that all is now humble and dear in this world? Beneath the wars I see the light that projects the illusion. Beneath the prayer I see the light that shines upon the truth of the beauty. It is all the same my friends, the source creates it all, and you are the source of all that lives on the earth and shines out in itís illusion, and in itís promise of transformation.

            I stand here at the threshold of a brand new dream, and I see the words of change emblazoned on the foreheads of every one of you who are working and walking in the light of the knowledge that there is a coming time of transmutation. I see that you know it is soon upon you, and I hear the bells ringing even now for the truth that will be revealed to even those who are asleep. The stars are always there, whether they are gazed upon or not. The tree is still in the forest, even though no human eyes gaze upon it, in joining with the eyes of heaven. What man has created with his intent is what is the illusion. What man creates in his Godliness is the essence of what he knows he is. This is the reflection and this is the energy of creation within matter.

            Go now and create that which you know already is. Bring it into manifestation, and rock the world with its majesty. It is but one trillionth of a degree from being in your living rooms and villages and cities. Give it your one-trillionth degree more light, and bring it into your reality.

            I go now to the stars and await your brilliance in manifestation. I bless the ground you walk, and I salute you!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate