Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 14, 2003



            This is a morning to end all mornings in the appreciation of what was accomplished in the etheric for NESARA last night and through till, and including, now. Yes my friends, it continues now all over the globe.

I am Sananda, and I wish to tell you of a time in this world when there were many soldiers who fought and died for a cause they wholeheartedly believed in. They were the soldiers of the Holy wars of Bethlehem and of the later wars of the common good of the people of Japan and India. All these wars were fought in the energy of the sylvan outbreaks of humanity; and they were brought to a close when the outrage of inhumanity to man had scourged all life from the battlefields. There were no soldiers left to kill one another, therefore no reason to battle.

            I tell you now that there were soldiers who fled these battlefields, for they knew it was insanity to remain and die for a cause that no longer served them. They had been visited by angels from on high, and they were shown that there was nothing gained in losing their lives for a cause that in truth was not theirs. They were shown that there was a small group of people who were controlling their lives as surely as they were standing on the battlefield fighting a war that was not theirs.

            This visitation came to the angels in the midst of battle. They were given a shield of protection as they were being spoken to. They were then given the opportunity to flee for their lives, or to stay and be killed in this other manís war. They chose, every one of them, to flee, and find some way to make sense out of their lives in another place. They were given protection until they made their way back to their homes, and collected their families, and fled to a new land where they could live their lives in the manner that was pleasing and devoted to the cause of Light and love.

            This new land was the land that is now known as the Bering Straight. This land was the land of the Midnight Sun. This land was also the land of the everlasting value of the ages. This land was many places on the earth where the land was pure and the energy untainted by the warring factors. These people set up societies in which they gave of themselves to the land, and to the harmony that they created from their love for each other and for themselves. This came about in the energy of the love that was shown to them on the battlefields. They left that energy of war behind, and never returned to it. These people are the indigenous people of the earth, and they today have still remained in their purity in the places in which they still live. These people have built their own protection, through their deep love of the land and of life itself; and they are no longer fighting a war that was someone elseís.

            I tell you now, that this is a possibility for all of you. You do not have to leave your homeland this time and find another place in which to carry out your life in love. You can stay right where you are, and find the love that lives in your hearts and allow that light to shine forth and clear the energy of war from the battlefields of earth. This is the heritage you have brought to yourselves, for you were those warring ones who gave your lives for anotherís cause. You now have the opportunity to stand your ground and demand that there be no more blood shed on these hallowed grounds of earth. You can take the sword of light and plant it firmly in the ground and keep that light of protection strong around you. You can do that with the divinity in which you stride over the fields of flowers, and tred upon the hallowed ground of home.

            You are the warriors who have come to the light, and you are walking away from the battles in the full protection of the angelís light. For you are the angels, and you have proven it over and over again, just as you did last night, and do today. I stand in reverence of this great earth and all the Holiness that is present in this day. I AM the Light and the Word, and I bow to your Holiness with tears of love and compassion.



Thank you dear Master Sananda

Nancy Tate