Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 07, 2003



            What a fine day this is! It is a day that will go down in infamy as the best day there is yet, and with many more to come. I am speaking in terms of the Divine moment, and all that that means. It is always the best there is, and this is the truth of Spirit. When you feel that there can never be a more perfect moment than right now, you are right, for the NOW is all there is.

            I am Sananda, and I wish to give you a little history lesson this day. There is the time in your history known as the time of the Inquisition. That is the time when there were all kinds of things going on in the established way that were no longer functional in the changing times. When these times came about, it caused a great deal of consternation among the people, for they were used to the ways in which they had been living; there was a comfort there.

            This is why that change came about. The people themselves stirred up the pot of life, and came up with some forgotten memories that they soon put to use. They weren’t necessarily aware of this on a conscious level. However, it is a condition of life that when something goes into a period of stalemate, there is a stimulation to return to the original state of being, which is the Divinity that is the Source.

            When this happens, there is a great deal of flux that takes place. This is not to say that there is nothing left of the former, just that there is enough change as to warrant a shakeup of people’s lives. This is what is going on now my friends. This is the shake up and the rearranging that will bring about a new way of being. This is a new way that will reflect the obstinance of intent, and the dedication that comes from a knowingness that brings results.

Why are you being told this at this particular time? It is because you are about to uncover a tremendous amount of information that will be the stirrer of the pot. You have only begun to see what is at the core of that pot. This is an encouraging sign that all is in Divine order, and there is nothing to fear that is coming, for it is a washing of the elements that when left behind show a picture of elegance, perfection and beauty.

Pick yourselves up, my friends, and look at this time squarely in the face. Is this the usual thing that happens for you? If not, then embrace it, for it is a gift that has the power of transformation. Breath into these changes, and know that what is at the end of this stirring is a perfect blend of all the elements that make the whole. You are the cooks and this is the last supper of this time. When the table is set again, you will see a whole new repast for you to enjoy. It will be the finest that can be imagined, and you’ll see that you have let your imaginations run wild in the energy of the Divine.

What is coming is a plan of action that will bring all of you into to oneness that has been promised. You will see alongside you all the players, some whom you would not have expected to see, with their arms outstretched and a loving smile on their face. Be ready for this my friends, for it is coming, and the compassion that you hold in your heart will be called upon to welcome these ones into your waiting arms. Remember who you are, and remember who they truly are, for you are truly family. What we are going to see is that we will ALL sit round the family table and welcome the prodigals home to the love that has always been there.

I tell you this, that there is no sweeter ending to a meal than to sit in the love and wonder of the beauty of well spent hours of cherished ingredients and lovingly put together parts of the pie to form the sweetest of angels in all of existence. Put yourself around this delight and love, just love.

I bid you adieu; and I whisper, Salu.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate