Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 03, 2003



            Good morning my dear ones. I am Sananda, and I wish to bring a bright ray of sunshine into your lives this morning. There is a ship just over the horizon, and it carries in it a large team of beings from many planets in the galaxy and beyond. This ship is ready to come into the view of all of you when the time comes that you are ready to see it. This will be soon, my friends, for we have seen a stepping up of the lightworker activity around the globe, and this is a sure sign that the time is close for the unveiling of the family of the universe.

            When this takes place, there will be an armada of ships that will come into view and accompany us to the various parts of the earth. We will come in droves, as so many bees coming to the hive to serve the Mother. We will come with messages of love and hope, and we will come to assist you lightworkers on earth to help those who do not see nor hear their own truth and wisdom in the works that NESARA will be bringing them. They will know that this has come to be, and they will want some reassurance that this is indeed a gift from Heaven and from Mother Earth.

            We are all lightworkers. Some are still asleep, and some are going full speed ahead in their journeys. When the accelerator hits the floor, you will find that there will be a lift off that will unequal any that has come along in your recollection. You will be a part of a uniting that will span the next several years and bring all of humanity to a harmony that will be unequaled in the history of this great universe. Yes, this will have far-reaching effect on other planets besides Earth. This is where it begins, my friends, and this is where your new life will begin in the twinkling of an eye.

            When NESARA comes into your lives and begins to dole out the gifts you will find a certain amount of necessity to go out into your communities and hold the people’s hands, for they will want to know that this is a gift of love. They will want to find the reassurance in their hearts that this is what it says it is. So be ready, my dear ones, for this is the preparation time for this. You are all in training now, for you have proven your dedication to this cause, and now you are ready to spread the word of the joy and the love and compassion that this brings to all of mankind.

            I see a bright shining star in the heavens. It is reflecting the light that shines forth from all of you. When the Dove sweeps her wings down into the fray, she does so with the Blessings from heaven and her song is for you and for me and for all of eternity. Join in her song and allow the light to shine forth on all that you do, for she smiles with the sight of all the work that you all do.

            This is a sweet song that is being heard round the world, and this is the refrain that brings heaven onto earth and unites all in the divinity that is the gift of Creator God, my Father and yours. I bless you and bid you adieu.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate