Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 29, 2003



            Good day, my dear ones. It is a day for finery and regalia, for it is a day in which you will find much peace and enjoyment. All you need do is step out of the self-induced gloom and walk into the sunshine of your own idea of peace of love. I AM the fore-bearer of the galaxy and the witness to your love. Call me the harbinger of the good news; and call me Gabriel.

            I yearn to come to you and find you already embroiled in the vagaries of the life that you would have for yourselves. So when I yearn, it is but for a moment, and then I AM there. I go to that promise and I live among the rays of the light that you produce there. I go to the land of the plenty, and see how that expresses itself in your world. I see the various ways in which you give of yourselves to the cause of truth and justice. I wonder at the intricacies with which you weave your tapestry of awe and beauty. It is a sight that I revel in, and I blow my horn to your tribute.

            Take my words, my dear ones, and blow them to the winds, for I mean for them to go everywhere there is an ear to hear. I whistle to the breeze and sing to the clouds so that they may take the sounds and create the whimsical patterns over the sky. I follow the rainbow to the end of the earth and I find the pots of gold and empty them all over the land. I open the tombs of the pharaohs, and I disperse the riches far and wide. I feel the sorrow of the masses, and I transform that sorrow to joy, and send it back to you.

            My dear ones, this too you can do. I show you the way, and I feel the changes as they come. This is the time of the great transformation, and it is your time, my dear ones to bring this about. Watch me as I go through the motions. These are the things you taught me as I flew around through the universe with you. Remember those times? They are but mere whispers of ago to me. I stand on the doorstep of the new beginning into the lives that bring back that remembrance; and I weep at the thought of the beauty that is coming even now.

            There is a time in the near future my friends, when there will be no separation from the All That Is. This is the time when the memories will come fully in and remove any shadows from your lives. You can speed that along, by your constant knowing that there is indeed a world just over the next blink, and that you are now creating that world. With this knowing you can bring that world even more swiftly to your NOW. That is the beauty of this event that is coming. It is of your doing, and in that energy you will make the difference for the whole of humanity.

            Sing your songs of praise and thanksgiving. Allow the refrains to spread far and wide, so that all may hear. It is a song of freedom and of good will. It is a song of peace and prosperity. It is a song of enduring friendship and love. You sing it so well when you open your hearts and allow the truth of your knowingness to flow forth and be heard. Wait no longer, my dear ones, to come to the fray and render it gold, for it is in the final stages of the gilt lined prophecy. See the unfoldment of the great desires of the galaxy take hold and saturate every nuance of change that is coming. You are the purveyors of the truth, and it shall set you free.

            My dear ones, I give to you the chance to break free from the self-imposed rituals of death that have been your legacy. This is the uprising of the shadow that has lost its glimmer and falls away into sweet repose. Bring this sunlight into your every move and declare the essence of the freedom that it represents as your birthstone and your new beginning. It is a world of love and compassion that heralds the new coming, and you are at the helm.

            Take that message that springs to your heart and your soul with every intent of your mind. Take it and move it in the direction that glows at your coming. This is the road down which you will find your rewards. There are many, my friends, and they are all yours. Worry not what is at the end of the road, for it is all of your making. Forget the trials that you once brought. That time is over. Step out of the shadow of that old energy, and know that what you set for yourselves now is born in the new freedom that you bring into your lives. Decorate the world with your new thoughts of love and prosperity. Bring the representation of those thoughts to your world, and put aside any doubt that it is already there.

This is your time for refreshing your world. Click on the new page and bring the air of love back to the front. Then create from that new page. This is your song, and these are your wings that I hold out for you. Take them and fly like an eagle. Soar over the mountaintops and give yourself to the freedom of flight into the infinity of joy and release. Stand tall in the knowing that there is no grander spectacle than you and your new party. This is the time for rejoicing, and we all join you in the flight.

            My friend here, who brings you these words, has taken my reminder of a verse that she brought forward some time ago. She will share it with you. Know that it is you, my friends, and sing with it to your hearts delight.


Thank you dear Archangel Gabriel,

Nancy Tate


The New Eagle


As foretells the coming of dawn,

The new eagle rose

Over the mountaintops;

Freedom the choice,

Bliss the result.

The fledglings test their flight.

A whimper, then the best of happenings.

Soaring, reaching

Far and away;

As far as the imagination can take them.

What order of things arises

When wild abandon

Takes over?

Complete and utter oneness

With the very best

Of life’s treasures.


                                                          Nancy Tate


You all are the very best of life’s treasures.

Thank you for being here.