Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 27, 2003



            Good morning my dear ones! I am standing on the crest of a hill looking down into a town much like yours. There is a faint moon on the horizon, and it is accompanied by another of lesser size. It is coming to light the way to a brand new day, and when it shows its colors, it will set itself past the horizon and go on to other places and other horizons. This is the future from which I speak. And this is the time that is in store for you, if you chose.

            My friends, I Diaclosities, speak to you from the area of the potential for your coming world. When you see this new moon coming to you in the glow of the sun, you will think at first that you see a reflection of the moon that you have gazed so lovingly and longingly to for so long. This is a new companion for this old and venerable moon. This is the companion that was once in line with the other, and has come back to reign with her friend and shine through life with all of you.

You will know of this coming before it happens. You will be pleased to anticipate her arrival. This will be as a homecoming for those of you who remember that she once graced the fair skies of home. You will receive a newsbreak that will herald her return, and glory the path that she takes.

This is but one of the features of this new world that you will enjoy. When the sun comes up in the morning, it will bring with it a light to shine with another that will accompany the orbit that transcends the universe. This orbit I speak of is an energetic one. There is a connection that this new sun will make with the universe, and that is to make the connection with the All That Is a very strong one indeed .It will hold the energy of grounding with the All That Is and it will transcend any interference that may come the way of the present sun in itís transition to the stewardship of the new energy for this solar system.

This is a new way of being on planet earth that you will have the choice to make. In this choice I give you the possibility of how you will receive these new heavenly bodies. I see for some of you that the choice will be a difficult one. That is the one that takes more time to accept than others. I see that this choice in potential holds the least amount of energy, and that is represented as being the least likely choice that will be made. The most powerful choice I see is the one in which I reside. I know you havenít heard from me for a time, so I am now holding court with the others at my side. When I say this, I say it quite figuratively, for there is much being done these days in the realm in which you live and the one to which many of you aspire. I am taking a diversionary path to show you what your choices of today may create for you in the future.

One other thing I wish to bring to your attention is the idea of living within the earth and in the beautiful cities that are within your planet now. There are those who will come to the surface and welcome those who recognize them. At first not all who walk the surface will see these ones, for they are still in an energy that does not recognize their frequency. This too shall pass. There will come a time when there will be communities on the surface as well as within the earth, and then they will all share the same level of Divinity. The new communities on the surface will be adjusted to suit the consciousness of those who will reside there. The cities will be fantastic places to live and work with the concept of divinity. There will be great places of commerce and wonderful places of learning and worship and sharing of all kinds. The societies will support the ideas that create them, and the messages of love and joy will be present in manifestation in every aspect of life.

This is but a small portion of what I see in potential for all of you. This will be, as it is now, a changing world that will grow to reflect the growth of all of you. I live in the potential of the perfection of your energies, and I hold that potential for you to tap into and change, forever evolving to another plane another idea. In that way I change and evolve, for I am your manifestation. At the same time that I dream of you, you are taking that dream that you live, and bringing it into manifestation for your potential. That is the circle of life, and you are I, as I AM you in potential.

So, my dear ones; get ready for the ride and hang on, for it is going to be a long one, and filled with wonder. You will one day see me and see that I AM you and that you have achieved that perfection, and then I will slip away, and you will reach out, only to find that I AM that illusory part of you that is ever ahead and at the same time right there with you. I suggest that you see the event that is coming to your living rooms and doorsteps as being there NOW, and welcome the truth of the day to your reality. This is the moment that is in potential, and the next will be history. Live it NOW to the fullest!

I bid you good day and fare thee well for NOW.


Thank you ear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate