Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 21, 2003



            Good morning my friends! I am coming to you from a ship in the heavens, and I am going to tell you a story of what I see in the paradise of Earth known as the area around Mt Shasta.

            I was there not long ago, and I met with the dignitaries from Telos and from various places around the globe. This was a meeting that took place in the halls of a chamber in the base of the mountain. I was there in my capacity as ambassador to the planet Orloff. Now you know that this is Baldor speaking.

            I saw that there were many angels in attendance. These angels carried with them their human suits, and they carried them very well. When they turned to their neighbors and discussed the matters for which they had assembled, they gave the issues their every consideration. They came to many equitable arrangements, and one of them was concerning the matter that you refer to as NESARA.

            When the meeting was in recess, there was probably more accomplished over the meal that was served than in the previous hours. Everyone was relaxed and jovial, for the pressure of the protocol was lifted, and guards could come down exposing the realness of the people. This was very heartening to me, as I was beginning to think that this would stretch into a longer meeting than was planned.

            During this meal the ones who represented the Asian factor gave way to the ingredients of the food, which was excellent and interesting to the palate. The variety of the ingredients was noted, and this lead to the topic of consideration of the similarity of this to the issues at hand. When the meal was over, the discussions went on, and continued into the night. The air was casual and friendly and the matters at hand were the topics of conversation.

            While I was sitting back and enjoying this interchange, I noticed that there were many times when the ones who were speaking would give way occasionally to another who sat quietly in the corner and interjected only at those times. When he did so, it was as a pin had dropped and all could hear only his voice. He spoke with the authority of a Master of Masters. He carried an air of quiet peace. He spoke in tones of authority that no one even entertained the idea of challenging. This was the most impressive spectacle I recall from the meeting.

            What this man said was most impressive, in that he formed the statements as pure fact and was not challenging in the presentation. This was the power of his words. He stated simply and with might the words that still ring in my ears. What he said was this:

            “My ladies and gentlemen of this assembly. I come to you with the authority that has been afforded me in this gathering by the Assembly of the Galactic Federation. When I was given to this meeting and all of its parts, I accepted this coming with the knowing that it was to be the vestige of the coming times. I AM the one who delivers the truth of the coming announcement, and I AM taking this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you for the intercession that you have agreed upon. This is the start of a whole new time on planet earth, and there will be a great coming together of all of the species of this grand universe. This will come in the days, weeks and months that are to follow this meeting. And I will be at the helm in the proceedings that will direct the world in this endeavor. I stand in my violet flame of transmutation, and I note that there has joined me another grand light of white and gold to come together and entwine in a powerful trinity of light that is transmuting the powers of light and love on planet earth. This is as it is, and it is so. I thank you all for this assembly of the powers of the world and I bow to your Light.”

            With those words, he sat quietly once more and gave his complete attention to the conversations as they carried on. I saw him only once more in the meeting when he made his farewell to the ones who each came and included him in their circle of closure. He had at various times offered his words of encouragement throughout the proceedings; this one time is the one that I wished to convey to you.

            So you see, my friends, there is a gathering time when all of the ones who are working behind the scenes come together. This was not to be the last of these meetings. When they meet again, it will be at another place, for the energies will be matched to the proceedings at hand.

            I leave you now, and bid you a grand, good day!


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,
Nancy Tate