Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 09, 2003



            It is my pleasure to be with you this morning in this way. I am Baldor, and I would like to share with you something that I can see from my place in the heavens. It is a ball of light that emanates from earth, and it stretches all the way to the rings of Saturn and about half way through. This is a spectacular sight, and we all feel the rippling effects of it.

            I know that this has been reported to you, however I wish to let you know that I, and my fellow Orloffians can see it from our perspective, and when we do, we feel the love that is contained within the beautiful rays.

            On another point, I would like to report that there is another glow in the heavens, and that is of the mass of ships that await their coming to your planet soon. They are intermittingly showing us all what they are accomplishing in their missions. They are resignating the airways with their presence, and they speak to all of you on earth with their messages of hope and love. They do this through the twinkling, color changing effects that you observe as you gaze upon them in the heavens.

            When this mass landing occurs on your surface, there will be those who are afraid of this coming. Though you all will be told of this, there will be some who will still not have awakened enough to keep their fear from coming forth. This is where you will be of service. There will be enough of you who are strategically placed to be of service to comfort and inform these ones. This is all happening now, this placement of ones to assist their fellow people who look to you for help. If you are questioning why your dreams of relocation are not coming into fruition, or why you are not being able to leave a place, then think of this possibility. You are needed where you are for now. Not only to hold the light for the area, but to be the emissary of light for those who look to you when the landing occurs.

            Another occurrence has taken place within these walls of love that are surrounding your globe. The beings who are in residence in these ships are readying themselves for this time. They are preparing to welcome some of you on board, and to explain to you of their cultures on their planets. They are eagerly awaiting this time of sharing, and they wish to make it as pleasant as possible for you. So they have been undergoing some transformations in their appearances so that you may all have as familiar a process of discovery as possible. Then when you are familiar with them, they will inform you of their real appearance, and transform themselves to their standard way of being. This will occur when they are assured that you will be comfortable and open to their trueness. Some of them will change very little, and those are the ones with whom you already enjoy a great deal of intermingling in your sleep-work time. You will find that you will learn much about these celestial members of your family.

            This brings me to my next announcement. I will be one of the ones who will be visiting you in the near future. I will come to you as one of the ambassadors of the interplanetary association. This will come at a time when you will be familiar with all of us, and though the idea will still be a bit fresh in your minds of your new expanded family, you will have begun to welcome the ones who come and assist you to the transformative practices that you will be undergoing. I will be pleased to be one who will be of assistance to this one’s family, for they have worked with me before.

            Now I must take my leave, for I have another meeting to attend with the ambassadors, in readiness for this most auspicious of events. This preparation encompasses much, and we will be prepared when the time comes. We wish for you a speedy and beautiful awakening, and we are honored to be of assistance in this way.

            Blessings and songs to light your day!


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate