Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 15, 2003



            I AM going to tell you of an event that is soon to take place on your world. This is an event that has the scope of a thousand ships of light and a million specks of sand in one tiny vessel of light bearing substance. This is an event that will change the world, and bring a new degree of prosperity to the life you live, and the dreams you dream.

            Good morning! I AM Adolphius of the space ship Intrepid, and I wish to tell you of an event that is taking place all over your globe. This is an event that is going to awaken 1,200,000 souls to their work with NESARA and the outlying events of that law. When they hear the words of announcement they will awaken to this promise they have made to themselves and their fellow earthlings.

            Two nights ago I came to this one and told her of seven spacecraft that were landing in a remote place of the North American continent. I told her that there would be emissaries alighting from those craft, and spreading all over the continent and finding the 250,000 people who had agreed to this work. They would be emblazoned with the light of NESARA on their foreheads, and this would be implanted in their third eye, to be the trigger to awaken them at the time of the announcement.

            I then told her that there, as well, would be three other continents visited, and emissaries would find an additional 800,000 ones for the same purpose. These all would be members of the same soul families who are already working in the energy of NESARA, and they would be joining with those family members in the work.

            What I did not tell her, and I tell you all now, is that there would be an additional number of people who would be contacted in their sleep, and these ones would give an amount of time to the cause for which they in their waking hours are devotedly purposed. They would in turn, visit the various ships in the fleets and give their energies to the transmutative substances of which they are a part. This means that they will begin to transform their energies to that of galactic beings, and will be able to access the parts of that beingness for the purpose of carrying out their work in the etheric planes, while retaining a certain memory of that work. This memory will develop, and in time will be a regular part of their consciousness.

            I further wish to inform you that there will be another visitation of the Galactic Federation to the lands of earth in the form of emissaries to the various states of government and the local municipalities. There are various ones who are in place at this time to receive these emissaries, and the welcome mats will be out. There will be delegates appointed from the citizenry when this occurs, and there will be an occupation of the governing bodies of those municipalities when the time is ready for that. This is for the smooth transition of the citizenry to the galactic way of life. There will be many who will be called upon to prepare the people for this endeavor. These ones are being groomed at this time, and they will soon be given further instructions as to their agreed upon duties and privileges of the work of the Light.   

            We wish to assure you all that this is the beginning of the turn around of the way of life that for most expands beyond your wildest dreams. This is the time in which you will be realizing the dreams that you have dared to dream, and those that you have not dared. This is the beginning of a harmonious way of interaction between all segments of life, and you will all find that you will have a freedom that you have never in this lifetime experienced. You will also find that a compassionate love will arise from your hearts and reach out to many with whom you have experienced a deep disdain and distrust. This will all come into the light of the Holiness that is your birthmark. This is the time of renewal of all that is inherent within your beingness.

            We stand ready to perform the various functions of transformative tasks that are at hand. For many of you, it will be a reunion of long standing family with the ones who come from the heavens. You will reunite and rejoice at the coming, for you and we have been eagerly awaiting this event, and the curtain is up on the greatest performance yet.

            We stand at the ready, and we salute the efforts you make now. We see the changes that take place moment by moment, and we realize it is at times challenging to experience this clearing that you do. It is almost done my friends. You are clearing out the last of the debris of this long-playing performance, and we stand in applause for the final curtain. Look for us in the skies, and twinkling among the stars from whence you came. We are keeping the light on, and the beds warm for your rest. Then it is onward and upward for the ascent to the heavens and your new home on earth. As is above, so below. This is the promise that you make to yourselves, and we are here to assist you and welcome you here.

            Blessings, and good day.


Thank you dear Lord Adolphius,

Nancy Tate