Wakeup Call Message
October  25, 2006


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   St. Germain 


With these words I begin a whole new sequence of events. I bring to you a series of messages that combine with what has been given to others and what has been given to all of you in the future. Yes I say the future, for some of you are exploring that future in a more resounding fashion, and by doing that you are having a profound effect on the present moment. I Am St. Germain, and as these words slide by Nancy’s consciousness she interprets some of what she herself has experienced in that future that she has visited and helped to form.


As you go through the workings of the day you achieve much that is desired from the ability you have to mold and shape your world in a way that matches your vibration. This is especially true of those who are knowingly doing that, proactively. When the results of that knowing manifest in your world, you are strengthened in your resolve, and the actions that you take as a result of that strengthening are multiplied in intensity.


Today as Nancy awoke she had thoughts of the dangers of dreaming so much of the past that it interfered with her future. She told herself to look at the daydreams she engaged in and to soften their effects on her life by seeing the value they brought, then allowing them to float away. She knew that when the events of the past show themselves in the present they are already long gone and out of the reality that she is living now, unless she invites them in once more.


To invite them in, she is allowing herself to make her present her future, for in reliving the past she has no present moment of reality; she has slipped into the past and brought it round for another look, and therefore a repeat of that which gave her a degree of validity in her mind. This validity repeats as often as you allow it. Remember that the present moment is full of new meaning, and gives you the opportunity to create a new version of the old, more evolved and in sync with the energies of the future.


As each of you gives new life to the present moment you validate that which is. You allow an expression of the moment to seed and begin to shape into the future. With this shaping comes the experience of the moment and allows the future to reflect the present, which in the future is the past. With the advent of the timeworn idea of existence coming to a close, we will see a whole different way to live our existence, one that gives promise to the inspiration of the moment without dragging the past into it, for it will be seen to be all the present moment.


This brings me back to the statement I made of visiting the future in order to make the present look as it does. We all do that; we all create from the potential, which is set in the future. We allow ourselves to more fully integrate all that we see in our reality, and on a soul level we see what the decisions we make reap for our future. We see that the moment that we have the thought of what we will do; the thought creates it, and our soul sees that manifestation, all in the same moment. It is a simultaneous creation, complete unto itself.


Because of this, we may choose in the next moment to change our thought and create anew, and without having taken a step on the first thought. We are in the process of bringing that simultaneous creation into our present consciousness. Knowing this, you can think back on some of the activities you have designed recently and see how this has manifested in your life. You can also begin to see how to utilize this information in your life in a way that increases in strength, creating your world in a way that more closely matches that which is your present intention.


You can find this to be an valuable tool to create the world in a way that brings the changes that you desire, not only for you, also for mankind. As the events of the world spiral into what may seem to some oblivion, you can see how what is taking place sends out a different perspective. You can see how to address the issues that are before humanity, and what your part in the reshaping of the picture can be. A clue for you is to examine and be aware of that which impassions you, and how you have created your own personal reality. You can take action in your own unique way and make a difference in how the world at large looks and how it manifests in your future, through your inner view of that future. Taking into consideration that all of humanity responds to each individual vibration of the energy grid, you can see that your participation matches the vibration of all who feel as you do, and that is a powerful message that is communicated throughout all of life on earth.


Go now and make the changes in your world through your thoughts, intentions, and feelings. Take the steps that are inspired from your passions. Walk forward in joy and strength of purpose, knowing that this is your world and the only way to be a part of it is to live it fully and in the power of being who you are in totality and in the innocence of being in the moment. Great things are accomplished in this way. You are the bearer of great things. Fly to the stars and with your feet firmly on the ground of earth give yourself completely to the freedom of the moment and the wonders that it brings.


We love and honor your every move. We marvel at the intricacies of your lives, and we stand in silent salute to your creations. May the blessings of a thousand butterflies lie at your feet and cover every move that you make.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate