Wakeup Call Message
October  17, 2006


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  St. Germain


  When it comes time to stay within your circle of light and allow the energies of love and transformation to wash over you and permeate your being, you stand in the light of the Christ and send out from your center the reflection of that light and soon all is well and beautiful in your world. There is nothing that is stronger and more powerful than the essence of The Creator. And when this is the place from which you express there is only one thing that can result, and that is the purity of the love that surrounds all that there is. I Am St. Germain, and with these words I open this message and inform you of the energies of the day.


Today marks the beginning of an influx of energies that come directly from the Central Sun and beyond to infiltrate and permeate the beingness of all life on earth. With these energies of the day there is a forward movement into the Divine voice of the universe. Upon the receivership of these energies you will find that a new door to your soul has opened and the information that comes forth is that of a clearer and more vibrant nature.


Taking this information into your everyday life will empower you to the establishment of a new voice that resonates with that of The Creator. It will give you the clarity with which to go forth in your journey and resound throughout all of kindomdon with a vibration that supercedes what is taking place on earth, in the material world.

Yes, this is where you have brought yourselves, dear ones. This is what it means to be one with The Creator, and to be able to understand on another level that which is written in the cellular memory that has been accumulated over the lifetimes.


When I say the cellular memory, I refer to the energetic blueprint that has built up since the inception of time in your existence. This represents all of the experience that is accumulated within your field and how it reverberates with all there is. As this language is accessed there is a connectivity established that enables you to feel the Oneness through the vibratory grid of communication. This is what connects all of you in a way that increases your ability to tune in to the unity that represents all of you, and to make decisions that represent the totality.


This is a broad expansion in your journey through time. As you make this leap from the energies of the day, you will find yourselves being in tune with many events that take place on earth. You may find that your thoughts and intentions concerning anything that may take place, or be told about beforehand will actually affect the events. The collective consciousness will move all lines into place and affect a desired result more readily in the coming days, weeks, and months.


This can only happen in a way that represents the intentions of the Light. In order for this to happen it had to come from The Creator and through the auspices of the free will according to the will of The Creator.  As the vibration of the lightworkers, and those who support the light in their own unique manner take precedence, their intentions erase and override the intentions of those of the negative energies. It is a matter of the language of light being in first place, and the lesser degree of that light, what you call dark, are in the progression backward.


What does this mean in your life? It means that as you go forward from this moment you will find that your thoughts and intentions for your life will represent the light in a way that allows for the free flow of those energies. Any thoughts and intentions that reflect a negative charge will scramble for expression, and most probably fall to the wayside and dissipate. This is due to the influx of the violet light that has been allowed entry due to the strength of the intent for the expression of the positive energies.


Your intentions have opened up the portal that is beaming the violet light your way. In effect you have called this forth, and The Creator has heard and allowed it to take place. This is the beginning of a series of beams that will come forth. This succession has been allowed through the resonance with which you are establishing a communication with the Creator. With this succession you are establishing the resonance that can lead to the complete realization of your voice with The Creator. The harmonic that is being found is the result of the total and complete intent of enough souls for the coming ascension in which you will remain in body while attaining the full return to your light.


Other civilizations on other planets in other universes have attempted this transformative process. They have been able to acclimate themselves to the stage of ascension that takes them to the step immediately before completing the lightbody status, and then have left the body due to the energetic repulsion of the matter structure, and the inability to unite the matter with the light and transform it atomically.


Through the deliberations of the universal coalition of atomic structures it has been seen that the missing step has been discovered to be the ionization of the matter atoms, allowing for the atoms to become anti-matter atoms and retain the brilliance of the light in a way that retains the memory of the atoms while incorporating the light.


What is taking place with the violet beam today, and the ones that earth will be visited by in the months to come is that the code for this transformation from matter to anti-mater atoms is being awoken through the free will allowance of humanity, united with the Will of The Creator. The language that is being accessed in these beams speak to the atomic structure in the various colors and energies that they represent, and that in return speaks to the Creator of the intent of humanity to become fully who they are, and to exist in the fullness of the potential from whence they came.


I encourage all of you to bring to yourselves this day and the ones to come all of the peaceful and happy thoughts and feelings that come to be experienced. With your intent call them in and welcome them with the kindness of the love that lives in your heart and soul. Know that you are deeply loved and take the time to revere that fact, for it represents that you are indeed united completely in the flame of divinity that is the Creator. Allow that knowledge to drift through your beingness as you flow through your day, and you will feel the strength building through you. You will see a grand happening taking place as you close your eyes in silence for a moment throughout the day.


I leave this message now and I feel your resonance singing throughout my body. You are my brothers and sisters in light and I welcome the energy in which you communicate with me. We are indeed One.


Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate