Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  29, 2002


In the halls of antiquity there was a time when the serfs became the nobility through the annals of reincarnation. In this exchange was the deployment of the canons of the order of the Saints of the ages.

I am one of those who were considered a saint at the onset of the days of feudalism. I am count St Germain, and I am one of the ones who in a former life was a member of the serfdom. Within this lifetime I learned much of the ways of the oppressed, however there was a degree of the chivalry even then.

Within this lifetime I bore out the ideal that there are no unequal ones in all of the world, only those who perceive themselves as such. Through this awareness, I grew to the semblance in the eyes of the nobility, of an outstanding lad of impeccable taste and desires. Soon they perceived me as an offspring of their standing, and welcomed me into their fold.

When this came about there was a group of people who were in objection to this. They cared not to have a mere serf walk their halls of nobility. One day, when the group was gathering in another matter, I came upon their assembly. They immediately threw me out of the throng, and warned me to never come into their midst again.

This I did not heed, for I was a person of strong will and character. I hung around the meeting place on the days of the assembly, and upon my opportunity, I came into their meeting and sat in the back of the room.

The subject of their gathering that day was to disperse the riches in the most diverse manner that had ever been done before. There was to be the cover-up of the methods of the gain, and the caches of riches were to be made available to only a chosen few, namely this group.

When I heard of the plans to steal from the nobility, by the nobility, I ran to the head of the bureau of the governing of the nobility and told them what I had heard. They were appalled that members of their elite would turn on their people and brandish their power in such a way. They immediately sent a representative band of fellows to the next meeting that occurred on the next eve.

My dear, that was the beginning of the end of my alliance with the nobility. The renegade group found me when they had learned of my part in the disclosure, and staked me to a tree and allowed me to be finished off by the animals of the forest. At least that is what they thought had happened.

You see, there was a woman from the serfdom who had been in contact with me for these many years. She was my love and my connection to the people from whom I had sprung. She released me from the ropes that bound me, and helped me to my people in a village deep in the woods.

When the group came back to bury the remains of rag and bones, and found no evidence of their deed, they were very frightened for their plight. Had I somehow escaped, or had one of their fellows of nobility found me and rescued me to their castle? There was great chagrin among the group, for to inquire would be to reveal their duplicity. So they keep their silence on the matter, listening for the whispers of the release. Alas, there were none, none that is but for the queries as to my whereabouts; to where had the fellow who had proven his loyalty disappeared?

Well, my dears, I was alive and well in the protection of my family. I was not included into the nobility by way of just being me, but by way of the deeds I did. There was never the idea that because I existed and walked on the planet I was worthy of them, nor was anyone else, no matter how grand or noble one perceived himself to be. My family saw me as themselves, honest, pure, worthy as they, and their love and compassion for me was as right as the same that comes from the almighty Source, the Creator.

But what of the nobility, you ask; where do they fit in to the end of this story? I tell you this; there was a great uprising among the nobility, and soon I was the one they searched for as the pawn in this game of deceit and madness. In order not to look into the backyards of their own people, they had to find the scapegoat, and defile him forever, so that they could go about their lives in the comfortable manner in which they had been living before I entered the picture.

I tell you now that they never did find me. So create another scapegoat they did. This was the way in which they carried out their nobility, by creating a scapegoat who would take the brunt of their disparities and carry the burden of their sins. Does this sound familiar; is there a ring to this that sparks a memory of another time another set of people? If so, then remember, there is only one set of souls on this earth, and that set is the same as has been walking the earth since then, and before, and now.

Who is the scapegoat of today; and who is the serf who was the savior of that scapegoat? Can you see the shadow of the past in the present? Are you going to carry that shadow into the future, or are you going to see the potential for change in the energy behind the story I told? You are the nobility, and you are the serfdom. You are the serf who was created as a scapegoat, and you are the maid who rescued the love of her life from himself.

I leave you now and ask that you give of yourself this day in the energy of the highest of noble thoughts and deeds. Find the true energy of the nobility and transform the history into the present reality of that Divine Nobility that sees no difference in the people of the world ‘cept their own expression of the oneness that prevails.

I am Count St. Germain, and I bid you a good day, and happy travels.