Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  23, 2002


I come to you this day with a great deal of the lassitude expressed in the dealings with the ongoing events of the warring parties of the nations. I am St. Germain, and I bring to you a development of the situation of the deployment of a certain strain of the forces of the dark.

This is a day of mourning for several parties of the dark, for they do not experience the forthcoming events that they set forward in their manipulations of the people of the anarchistic goings on of the governments of the world. This is a creation of the Deity of the people showing itself in the current energy that is being brought forward at the time.

I put this to you, in this way in order that you may see the compassionate side of even the most diabolical appearing schemes and events of those forces. There is a side to this that warrants the understanding of the people, through the Divineness of their being. In this Light one may see the utter desolation that comes with the knowledge that the plot they have devised is falling down about their ankles.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? Have any of you fallen prey to the desolation and despair of a purpose gone astray? I refer now to the neutrality of the events that any of you may have at any time set about accomplishing. In this neutrality you may see the nature of the event as the core of the Light that lives within. It is within the emotions and ideas set forth and experienced behind these events that we find the outcome of the events, and judge them thusly.

The energy I speak of remains the same at the onset; it is the desire and intent to bring forward an event that supports the energy of the idea at the time. From the point of onset is the polarity of the event. There lies within that polarity the potential for the event to accomplish benefit, or anarchy. This is where the separation occurs; the judgment is made.

The difference between judgment and just cause is negligible, at best. Within these two lies the void between the Light and the dark. Here is one’s opportunity for the understanding and compassion for the fellow man. When one is in judgment, one does not see his own part in the wholeness of the event. The potential for the involvement of the one in the event is by-passed and seen as separated from oneself.

I speak in generalities here, for this is the way of the world. Now we come to the very heart of the matter. When one sees what they term to be atrocities committed by others, they fail to see the oneness in the people involved. This oneness represents not only the atrocity, but the other potential of the event that would be the blessing. Within every event lives the potential for either outcome. At any given moment either party could bring forth either of the outcomes. What causes the atrocity is the separation, for the blessing comes from the oneness.

The separation is caused by the forgetfulness. When one is ill do you defile and hate that individual? I think not; I think rather that one sees that everything is done to restore that individual to wholeness. This cannot be done in the energy of hate, avoidance, and denial. What does accomplish the restoration of wholeness is the love, compassion, and blessings that come forward in the state of rest that is the Divine nature of the being.

So my friends, this has been a lesson in the forgiveness by the wholeness of the one to the other. When the separation is mended with the threads of the Divine, there is restoration of the health of the whole. When you have found the tools by which to restore the health of the planet and all who live here, you will have brought the energy of the dark and the Light into the oneness that heals, restores and invigorates the planet to the ascension status that is being cherished in the hearts and minds even before it is a reality in their present, for in their present it is their dream and their potential, therefore It Is.

When you find yourselves observing the goings on of the warmongers, allow the Divineness of your being to come forward, and see the Divine oneness in those who would bring the war forward. There is power in that energy, for that power can turn the polarity around to the light, and bring all there is to the beauty of the source, which is Love and compassion for all. This is then the creation of the Peace that lives in the hearts and souls of all of Creation. It begins at home, and that is where it comes forth, and multiplies, till it is all there is.

I leave you now for the moment and stand ready to greet you at the door of the Peaceful Creation, side by side with the brothers and sisters of the commonality of the whole. I am St. Germain, and I bid you good day.