Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  17, 2002


My gift to you this morning is one of trust and belief in oneself and one’s world. I am St. Germain, and I am going to tell you of the incidences of trust that brought me here to this table this day.

One time in Africa, long years ago, there was an uprising that skirted the banks of the Nile River. This uprising became a legend in the annals of history, for it stood for the abolishment of the tyranny of the black natives against the white Africans.

When the bloodshed had ceased and the calendar represented the autumn of the days, the ones who remained standing came to the understanding that there was nothing accomplished but the loss of lives. What did that prove? Why the senseless slaying of over three thousand people in the cause of a piece of land and an idea of the sovereignty of one people over another?

Those who remained took to the hills and banded together to form a union of strife and solace to each other. This group consisted of both black and white. Within a very short time, this group had grown to several thousand, due to the word getting around that this group of people was planning on going through the jungles of Africa burning and pillaging the villages in a war of hate.

This was not the original idea of the small group. Theirs was a peaceful plan; a plan of action through gentle loving means. However, when the people started coming into the band there was an air of power that sprang up and announced itself in the anger that still lay in the original people hearts. This reached out and flashed across the innate memories of the new ones, and soon the old memories were the only motivating force.

After many days and nights of traveling through the countryside, menacing the various villages along the way, this band of people began to slow down their pillaging. They stayed hidden in the jungles longer than usual. Instead of plotting their next conquest, they began to speak of the possibility of the discontinuance of their actions. This was accomplished by a few brave souls at first, then grew in strength to the majority of the group.

Soon this group were speaking of the ability they had to settle into a life of love and the bringing forward of their own culture and society. They realized that the greatest power they had was in finding the bounty they could provide for themselves through using their abilities of creation in the place where they chose to live.

In the pursuit of this plan, the group cased a great stirring among the people in the villages that had been pillaged not that long ago. How could people who had shown such disregard for human life, and their fellow man, turn around and become as peaceful people, creating their own village? This did not ring true to the villagers, so they decided to band together and form an army of protection against these people. After all, the marauders were probably planning their attack in a different, diversionary way, and they as mere tiny villages alone would not stand a chance against these fierce people.

The fear that built among the whole of Africa became as a disease spreading like wildfire. Soon there was no more trust among the villages and the people. The group who had formed from the ashes of war and hate, had become very peace loving, and soon they realized that something had to be done, or they too would be unwitting members of this awful plague across the countryside they loved.

So they started to go out among the people in the villages and talk of peace. They talked of love, and the power of prayer. They told the people their story, and of how even in the air of the fear all around them, they did not fall back into that energy because they had found the strength of their beingness through the adversity they had caused on others. Twice they had stopped in the heat of battle and honored the peacefulness that cried out to be heard and felt. The second time, it worked. Through the experience of coming through the process of war, defeat, and then peace with themselves, they had discovered the secret to eternal bliss.

The villagers listened to their words and looked at their example. They were tired of always living in fear; the very air reeked of it. So they started banding together once more, this time in the interest of the pursuit of peace and love among all the people of Africa. Soon peace was the way of it in the land. The peoples of this great land lived together in peace and harmony, and their great example shone forth for all the world to see.

Now, you say. How can this be? I do not recall ever reading this before in our history books, or any of the great recordings of the ancient history.

I tell you now; this is a page from out of the future, yes the future. This is a probable reality that is growing in strength in the annals of the pages of the future. This can become the history of your past. You can watch it happen and unfold as it becomes a reality in the present. It can start now by holding the outcome of this page strong in your hearts and your knowingness. This too can be the essence of all of the places and peoples of the world. It is in your hands and your hearts. You are all sovereign beings unto yourselves. You need not give that away to another, for another has his own sovereignty. Share that which you know to be your inherent truth with your fellow being and you will write your own page of love and peaceful harmony for all times.

I am St. Germain, and I wish you all a harmonious day filled with love, compassion, and peace.