Morning Wakeup Call Message
October  11, 2002


            It is a good day my fine fellows, this day. And I shall bring you a grand opportunity to give of yourselves this fine day. In the case of a nuclear war, there would be a slight adjustment to the cause of the status of humankind. This would show itself in the importance of the readiness for battle of the various troops around the globe. When the case is opened and the cards are laid out on the table you would find that there is an ace in the hole. That ace is the Light family that is surrounding you all now. We are waiting for the energy to build to a point where the window of opportunity opens and we can come through to show ourselves to you.

            Till this happens we remain cloaked. We cannot come forward and be seen till you all have reached a level of consciousness, as a whole, that bespeaks the ability to see us. You see, this is the way it works. This is the law of nature, that there will only be an opening when the creation of the energies of change have surmounted those of sameness.

            I give to you the ability to give yourselves this gift of change. The cards are all laid out in the pattern that awaits the final card in the spread. What will it be; will it be the King or the joker? Will it be the Queen or the knave? Are you going to use that card up your sleeve and bring it into the game, or are you going to throw in your hand and give it over to the ones who bluff you with their boldness?

            I tell you this day that it is in your hands. You do have the winning hand; all you need do is play it. Put all your cards on the table and run the house. Turn the table upside down if you must, but show us all that you are the winner and you have declared as much.

            How do I do that, I hear you ask. I tell you it is in the attitude, the intention. When you stride forward in the energy of peace and compassion, you create an energy that moves the paradigm another notch; and that enables us to show ourselves and be seen by all of you. You are doing just that my dear fellows, by being the advertisers of the grandness of your selves. As long as you are gathering your energies and intent to a focal point of peace, the momentum is gaining speed and the Light is coming on. By following the passions of the heart, you all bespeak the journey that you create in your dreams and your consciousness. You are writing your own future, and from where we sit, it does not include nuclear disaster. We are ready to step forth and avert that possibility; indeed that is the step we will take.

However, in order to more fully carry out your plan, you must create the reality as you see it, or the continuation of your plan will be taking a slightly different course. You are, in effect, at the point now where the change will come about for the playing out of the plan. This is where the concept of past, present, future comes in. Perceive this, if you will, that as soon as the energy of change through peace is accomplished it will be as a dream manifest in your lives and will seem as if it is yet to come. But it cannot be a dream until it is already created. What you will be experiencing is the reality of it as it is in your past, or already done. You can call it an echo, or a reflection, or a memory; it is all the same.

            So my dears, this is the moment of change, and your fingers are all on the trigger of the manifestation. Sing your songs, march your walks, clasp your hands, all in the integrity of peace; and you will see us, and you will be given blessings for your good deeds to yourselves. You are almost there, and it is sweet my dears, it is sweet.

            I give you this day my wishes for a day of love, joy and peaceful beginnings. I am St Germain, and I bid you good day.