Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 8 , 2002

          Good morning, and I am Sananda again, here to tell you of a betrayal of the forces of the Light by a distinguished person of the cloth, as you would say in your world. This person in his betrayal betrays himself at the most. For by this action, he bespeaks the utmost denial of his higher beingness. It is within this context of his beingness that he supposes himself to be the very epitome of the very thing he stands for. He gets the enjoyment of the senses by the actions he takes with his body and his mind. Within this personage lies the ability to gather together the memories of the inner Light of his authority, and not fall prey to the energies of the darkness that would surround him with the amnesia of their force.

          This person is indeed one of Godís chosen, for he sees the beauty in the childlike innocence of the children he adores. He seeks to re-capture the glory that propelled him to his profession in the first place. It is in this society that the energy of contempt first came to light. In order to be able to find the compassion for the man I speak of, one must be able to recognize the frailty of man in the face of the darkness. One must allow for the understanding of the dichotomy of the situation. This man was not born in the darkness. When a human is born there is a tremendous Light all around that tiny new life. This light is the awakened part of that new lifeís existence within the new experience of expression. As soon as the ways of the world begin to influence this new life, the darkness moves in and some of the light takes a back seat, though it never leaves. Did you hear that; it never leaves?

          For all of you to find that there is nothing within this person to find grace in his beingness, one must not find grace within himself. The churches of the world all represent the Light of God. Isnít it time that you all find that true Light within the halls of the belief and find the trueness of that which is being represented there? Take the innate knowledge behind the doctrine that is given you by the people who represent themselves as speakers of the Light, and bring the inner Light that you find within forward so that all may see the reflection of their own Light in yours.

          You are the Deity of your soul. Your truth lives in the authority of the inner knowledge that springs forth in the innocence of your moments. Once you have found the ability to tap into your Lightness, you are able then to see the light in others. Judge not this man of the cloth, for he has closed his eyes to the light that lives within, and attempted to find it in the light of the children, within the darkness that pervades his world.

          Give yourself the healing that spreads out to the world. Allow yourself to see the supposed sinners as sinners of themselves. To sin is to forget who one really is, to judge oneself as less than the perfection in which god created him. Go to that place of love and compassion and find it in your hearts to find that person of the cloth Holy in thy name, and Thee will be healed and so shall the world.

          I am Sananda, and I bid you a most reverent of days in the contemplation of yourself and your fellow man. And so be it.