Morning Wakeup Call Message
October 7, 2002

            Today my dears there is an event that bears mention that takes place on the other side of the globe. A small band of people from the West Bank of Gaza is infiltrating the embassy of the United Kingdom and allowing for the release of a couple who are being held there in temporary custody. Their incarceration is due to an incidence of uprising against the government of that country. We respectfully allow that this is proceeding in a peaceful manner, and is occurring in the energy of the symbology of peace around the world.

            In order to bring a semblance of sanity among the people of the world, we encourage you all to find within your hearts the courage to put aside your differences and come out of the cloud of doom and gloom with the light that shines forth from your innermost being. This will propel you into the lovingness that will pervade all there is on this planet. To continue in the present circumstance of attitude and energy is to perpetuate the calamitous doings that lead you all into chaos. While in the course of everyday events, many are lead to the overcoming of several deeds of injustice; this is the relevance of the fostering of the clouds of dissent. In order to overcome that cloud one must call in the energies of love and compassion and send them forward in the energy of forgiveness and acceptance of ones brother and sister as the perfection of the spirit.

            I wish to tell you now of a certain child in the Congo who is attempting at this time to form a coalition against the slavery that has been taking place with the people in his village. This child is twelve years old, and has the wisdom of the ages. Within his village a stranger has intruded with his various ways of persuasion, and caused a separation of the energies of the people. This has resulted in the deliverance of the working class to be regarded as chattel among the upper class of the village. This child has begun to offer classes in taking ones supremacy back, and being able to keep the decency of the attitudes and actions of the people toward each other. This is not a direct uprising against the stranger, but a quiet unobtrusive act of readjusting the perceptions of the oppressed and binding the energies of equality to the village.

            It is within this energy that the supremacy of humanity can be renewed and strengthened. To fight against the oppressor merely strengthens him. To find the strength within, and bring it forward in the Light of the compassion for all mankind is the fuel that propels the human race into the supremacy that rocks their cradle of love and compassion for all of the beings in existence. This is the Light in which we encourage you all to go forward in your lives. To be able to see the light in each and every one of your fellow beings is to recognize the Light in yourself.

            We bid you good day and give you all the love and compassion that you can accept at any given time. I am Sananda, and I love you all very much.